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They send in the troops out in people out to help. I went out how hectic the hospitals are new orleans right now especially because you've got people probably in there were covert and other things and not hurricane. Wonder how. I wonder how it is for the hospitals out there for right now. The hurricane has weakened from a category four to a category one storm but they did say that they expect tornadoes today from south east from south louisiana to the western florida panhandles. And there's more than one million homes and businesses without power so the city sewer and aboard also said the powerless could affect a very significant number of. It's eighty four sewer pumping systems. They said they had obtained backup generators for some but that in order to prevent sewage backups. They've asked residents to limit. What our usage at home that decreases the amount of wastewater that has to be removed. But they did say the what is safe to drink from the city right now but this is a devastating Life threatening storm so again our prayers to everybody in louisiana. Who's going through it right now. Definitely i right well. That is your front page news. Laura thank you talk about the fight last night. Yeah we spoke about it. I did okay. I just want to say it's as simple as this one. Jake paul gibson ring with a real boxing any boxer tv losing and probably losing really bad because tyron. Woodley is not a boxer. He didn't have miami. Fighter was cracking ability. But he put the pause on jake paul last night okay. J. wall has yet to fight a real box. You said he what saudi one. You didn't see the fight did you. Now you may jake. Paul almost fall through the ropes. I did see that that that one shot. Okay who wanna fight at the It was a split decision. But i mean if tyron woodley would have been more aggressive you to fight easily but this jake paul has never fought. A real boxes fought a youtube star. Nba player in to 'em fighters. Today he ever fights a real the which he shouldn't he's gonna get really hurt. Yeah i don't think depending on what the box there is. No say no this any any box. There would some real boxing talent and skill. You go all right all right now when we come back so queen alison hinds will be joining us. She performed a day over the weekend. And we're gonna kick it when we come back. I don't believe it's to breakfast local morning. The breakfast club news outlets cover stories differently but the black information network is fundamentally different. A twenty four seven all news network of writers anchors and producers with the goal of keeping. You informed about what's happening in the black community. I news dot com bringing you news. You can trust. Download the iheartradio app now and listen to the black information network anytime anywhere. 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From across the world will vote on their favourite to decide the next great podcasts. Enter today at next great. Podcast dot com. That's next great. Podcast dot com. Why shouldn't the next great podcast come from you. Refuse clubs god angeliki. We got a special guest in the building telugu. We got jesus gains enough. So what's up. I'm good i'm good. I'm a week absolutely really hard on charlene to appreciate Dance soka and reggae. I heard i do appreciate it. I'm just i just never. I said one time right. Don't actually love it. People go crazy but that's fine. That's why you can't like everything. I i mean i i. Don't you know i don't automatically expect first of all people to nor soka music because it's still very niche but the people that know no it i love it. Yeah i don't know nothing about folk music so you can explain the difference so okay. So how can i explain soka a you probably have heard some of my songs even roller gal fish. Yeah you roll it gal for sure. Raw gal absolutely that's soka. Music is actually is really happy as very high energy great melodies and is very interactive so as all the wave in is a saying in as you know move from the left and right the front. You can't be listening to soccer and if you were side and you listen to soka music. That's it you're oh absolutely song in the pool. Was i was talking about because i was playing when we always hang made. That sounds so crazy. Now but we go to jamaica on a chip for the breakfast club. I started and they would not stop playing bucket down and i was saying the remix. Yes i did a remix. It us so i did this soccer remix to vegas. Yeah broke broke. Broke don't and favorite versions okay. Remember when we're all okay. Okay the difference between salkin reggae. yes there is. ohka reggae is reggae. Dancehall the difference in so reggae is is more I guess along the lines of what boo on taurus riley and barris haman would do Kinda bob marley. Yes of course bob Dancehall will be along. The lines of mr vegas and more is edgy. And then soco music we borrow from each other because music is But soka is definitive in terms of is just very as i said is very happy is very high energy level. Yeah because you so. You're from the uk but then moved to barbados. Yes so. I'm british-born And then moved to barbuda's because my dad was bijan he's passed away since my mom is My parents split up on. my mom. Took me to barbados. And i used to go to barbados vacation. And i fell in love with the from late the first time so then unfortunately my parents split but i was happy to be in barbados. I've moved there. When i was eleven so i was in england before that without a culture shock for you it was. It was because you know. They're all bugs and the laws different. So well i'm on so i actually got exposed to soccer and reagan caribia music on your whole from move into barbados. Because i didn't really even though. I had west indian parents. I was very much british kid. I was into british often. Raw goes into queen police.

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