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And respect those who have who have lived through a mass shooting especially after they have gained perspective patrick was a sophomore at columbine high school when dylan klebold and eric harris massacred their classmates he was one of the lucky ones he walked away with his life that day and he vowed that he would live a life of service because god had granted him that blessing of living so patrick went on to join the army he served a tour in iraq when he came home he was elected to the colorado state house of representatives where he served his constituents since two thousand fourteen every year since he was elected patrick has introduced legislation to remove the restrictions on concealed carry in school in the wake of the stoneman douglas shooting and the renewed call for gun control patrick is pushing his legislation justice hard under the current colorado law anyone who has a concealed carry permit may bring firearms onto school property but you have to keep them locked inside their vehicles that's a quote from the law patrick says that doesn't go far enough his act would allow every law abiding citizen who holds a concealed carry permit the right to defend themselves and others at all times patrick says time and time again we point to one common theme with the mass shootings they all occur in gun free zones as a former columbine student who was a sophomore during the shooting on april twentieth nineteen ninety nine i will do everything.

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