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Gig one at three one four five seven one six nine three seven. Hey pierre. I got a special treat. I got a special treat for the listeners. Every once in a while. I get somebody that says listened gig take me away. I want to be so isolated nobody even knows I and one of the islands in the society islands. The chain is called wa Heaney. It's spelled with an h and this is the most beautiful remote island. It has one little special hotel. And if you really want to get away from the world and still be in paradise. I I got the place for you. Because it's so isolated and so beautiful, but it still has good food and a lovely beach and great snorkeling. So that's the little tip for today. When we're talking about the crews and Tahiti well, people that go through that particular spot must be happy to be on a beach are there. Other activities also available. Well, the law. You know, what there's another island very close to the island of Tahiti called. And we went there, and they have two big bays open. No who bay and cook bay, and we took a little excursion not a boat and went swimming with the sting race in the sharks. Oh, wow. It sounds dangerous. But of course, the the the shark Scholley special tourists. They don't eat people like me. Anyway, you're really quite safe. They throw man and the sharks celebral out and scary. But of course, there that are very harmless now. Yes. We had a picnic on ice. Motoo or island which made for a just a absolutely gorgeous state. Go ahead. Here. I meant to say that the Paul Gauguin is not inexpensive. Now, we need to tell people what you know, what average cruises are seventy. It's it's four or five thousand dollars a person. But but that includes almost everything not all the sightseeing because people have different needs and wants as far sightseeing goes, but it's a beautiful mid size white ship. And you know, the waters are very gentle down in Tahiti. So the cruising was just wonderful. They had great night shows and. Wonderful. Dining fact, I always like tippers, which is an English type of a breakfast, and you could real hard. You can either mainland or you can get it on cruise ships. And they moved it up. Specially for me. So that shows the little extra effort that the Paul Gauguin crews people did for be at breakfast. And I really appreciate it. This shows similar to those on other luxury Kucher so that they're geared geared much more towards the culture of tacky. They have the date of dances, of course. But it's it's it's a much smaller atmosphere. And they have. You know, what night they had just ukulele playing and it was really beautiful. I'll many many years. Paul Gauguin Terry well about three hundred fifty I think. It's it's a very very intimate ship. And of course, most of the stops on the cruise, you you tender you drop anchor somewhere near because they don't have real good dock areas except for a puppy a take. So you take the little tender boats in it's a lot of fun. And of course, the weather's all nice. So you got warm weather. It's there's nothing wilder Woolley about it. It's it's just one of the more general trips, and you meet the nicest people by golly, we we met absolutely interesting people throughout the entire crews. Great now compare that to other cruise ships that I've sailed on and I've sailed on probably more than a dozen maybe fifteen different luxury. Cruise ships have you enjoy? The Windstar and the region. The silver seas. What about the Windstar you'll remember that name at all? Yeah. I did the Windstar about six months ago. Wasn't. It was not the sailing. Windstar it it. It was a cruise ship really similar to the size of the Paul go gaff, and they also have very very nice. Accommodations. It's it's just a a lovely way to see particularly the Mediterranean. How many how many different cruise line roughly have you sailed on? Well, I've sailed on over fifty cruises. So I. Pardon? You got maybe I did about thirty seven so far. Wow. Well, and and some of them I did up here for to get to every country in the world. I had to go on what's called a denture cruises two out of the way places arcane, sometimes just completely remote places that you can only really get to on a cruise ship. I gotta tell you that twenty three years ago today May Day. This person called Pierre. Roll talk show host of America dining and travel, guys nationally, syndicated March in Havana, Cuba. To the music of a military band. And we marched along being media. Perhaps the only live broadcast sweet years ago from Havana, Cuba, marched right by Mr. Cosco and saluted hip that you believe. That's what I. Yeah. Go ahead. Has you know from my last show I care about. Edits opening up the air, and they want you to come back. They said they said you were such good marcher Bill. Today. Today is May Day, which is the workers holiday, you know, and. Cuba, still adheres to that. I believe today. Well, thank you. Pleasure to have you the gig win, and you can find them on the web. How do they find you? Well, they find me at g my website gig, Gwen dot com. Or they called me.

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