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We got a week in the books for the n._c. Is he double a. It's football all the top teams won pretty convincingly not not a ton of scares of course i had like tennessee on the money line parlay that killed me may otherwise you could have probably gone what most other teams <hes> most other chalk. I should say the odds did not really move trevor lawrence not that greatest start first multi pick game in his career still the favourite and plus two fifty clemson's quarterback to takeover loa plus to fifty also. They're going to let the betters decide who's going to be between those two but there are all son other candidates. Jalen hurts eight to one odds. This came out throwing my god crazy crazy numbers for oklahoma fields for ohio state sixteen to one at t._i. Who harry had four. Are you at them at forty five to to one odds. I got him daily thirty. I think you were talking about him. At forty five and then thirty five and now i was me and menu both all set a month ago that month ago. We said that we'd like to talk bad. He went crazy. I mean average seventeen yards a carry or something crazy. I keep that up but but all of a sudden there could be some discussion between it's not guaranteed that term lawrence wins it if if you go with a clemson guy and from what we all like from georgia is twenty two to one. Let's start with you harry. You're gonna stay with that at ten <hes> yeah i am you know i think <hes> some a couple of people real real quick. Look at <hes> sal. I think this is a knockout game for the heisman not boy. Sami e is that like thirty three to one and quarterback l._s._u. Melayu joe boroughs thirty three to one berlet of big game he he made them big move touchdown sammy at war <hes>. I think this is gonna be <hes>. It's gonna hurt me in the heisman down the stretch <hes> even if they do win this game. I think they're gonna lose two games. The defense is really soft but this might be a knockout game. Put these two guys and ten heisman my boy twenty one j. patterson at a solid game three touchdowns thousand mistakes like i said keep leading michigan undefeated. It'll be there for heisman talk n._t._n. At twenty two to one right now like it sets out thirty five to one in two hundred yards at halftime three touchdowns against georgia tech conference game <hes> and orange dooms off any favors like you said two picks only one hundred sixty eight yards passing assing so <hes> if boris doesn't play special against a._m. This weekend n._t._n. Goes off again. It's really harry. Pick six guys there but i think he still likes at the end of the twenty. Two one go at that <hes> brother bry. You're all over the college stuff. What do you see what jumps outage <hes> yeah. I love it. <hes> i do yeah. I do find it funny. Though harry harry has touted like ten different guys <hes> for high guys. We have to be nicer to be honest on twitter. We have to be a lot nicer but it yeah it's interesting. I did think i thought to leapfrog wars a little bit there definitely with that shaky start but the only thing i would say you know the the big game obviously this weekend for lawrence. He hasn't put up a monster game like harry with thank though but again even their schedules your stuff so i don't i don't know if i love morris anymore already and then the thing is with to <hes> all his numbers were great. I do think is that they're going to suffer for a little bit this year because they're using i was even i bet alabama all over the place in that game and i was even worried early in the first half..

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