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Have been some of the most inspiring moments I've ever had. Um, are there things that you look back at And regret regret, saying regret not pushing harder. Regret, not voting differently. Regret not engaging further. I think it's hard in this in these roles not to wish You were doing Maura or were more effective on a regular basis. Are there moments that stand out to you? What do you think? Oh, man. If I could go back and shift how I behaved at that time, I would Well, e think in terms of my own personal behavior of e one of the things they personally I'm not one of the biggest talkers on the council. You know, I generally, uh, the mindset I learn more by listening, um Personally, So I I I I feel good about the way I've interacted and have spoken about topics on the council during term. I 10 years so But I think in terms of going back, there are some issues where I think I probably should have been a little bit more vocal about like, especially like in the last few days, for example. I've gotten quite a few e mails and contacts about the selection of the new police chief, and people are very upset. They think that the oversight civilian oversight boards being Circumvented and they want to have all this vetting process on part of the board, and it's It's something that When you read the ordinance that was passed to create that work there isn't there isn't a mechanism for that kind of vetting process and I guess You know when we were taking up that topic, Um you know, I had questions to the back of my mind that like okay, love. What are people going to do when it's kind of a higher new police chief in there? Find out this the place on Fire Commission. That's as the selection process and there's really not a spell over role for the oversight board in this, you know, the selection of a new chief. In retrospect, given, especially given the contacts I'm getting for people are upset now. You know, maybe I should have spoken up more. If you had spoken up. What would you have said You know, I think I would have You know, probably pointed out horrible what the role of police and Fire Commission is under state law and the limitations. And that we have in terms of the oversight board is going to be able T accomplish or do because at a minimum, maybe That would have help develop a greater understanding What the limitations we're gonna be because I can fully understand why some people are upset now because I think Even perhaps There's uh, I believe that the oversight board was gonna have a greater rolled in and actually can't have Hmm. Maybe if we would have had Or thirdly discussed. You know the interactions between the police and Fire Commission and and oversight board and what we're limited T doing under state law. Maybe things would be going a little bit more smoothly now or early people have no guess affair. Understanding? Yeah, sits in play. I think that's such an interesting balance as an elected official, like when is it your job to inform the community of state statute and the kind of The reality of your jurisdiction. What the parameters of your role and and how that you know, is informed on What part of your job is to change those parameters? On Dwayne. You can put pressure and when you can't and how to how to be effective. Have you? Um, you know, in in examining kind of that moment in which you think folks would have Ben better equipped to have this conversation if they had more information. Do you see that as as your role when you When you exit? Do you think that you will, you know, be be highly vocal in the community in terms of making sure that that folks understand kind of the parameters and reality of the work you once did. E think I'll continue that because, like in my district, especially, um uh um Much of the my district. It's it's pretty new on and what is it will be adding nor to my district this month. The solution of the town of Blooming grove on areas north of the landfill area. For example, we're gonna be absorbing more of the time blooming grove in S O for from my district like one of the frustrations that people have had Is in terms of public safety services, Uh around fire and ambulance especially, you know, there was a lot of growth and it took forever. Tonto Station, 14 under Dr Phil for the Mass and Fire Department, and really, you know the staffing for that we would not have been able to do that. It's not for us under Tammy Baldwin and represent can because we were able to get some federal dollars and that enabled us to hire the firefighters. Well. In my distributor. You know, there are still parts of my district that serve ice Station five on country road. They're closer to the Carlin's. So if there's a medical emergency, I was able to work with full council members and get a paramedic on the fire engine for station 14 along medical supplies..

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