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Legitimate top first round picks, You know almost until, like 2030, So they've got to win now, and I think you know on paper, they should have the best chance to win the East. They've got to stay healthy. Just like everybody else. That the one thing about the deal I liked, you know, I think they know Durant or Kyrie. If he's there is going to get the ball at the end of these close games. And I think that in the playoffs having that, with Harden as a part of the mix is really super important, because I don't think James Harden is a guy that you can count on with the ball in his hands at the end of Game seven of a playoff series. I mean, we've seen him choking away before. I'm not trying to be a jerk there. But like history has shown us we cannot trust him there in history has shown us With Kyrie Irving shooting over Steph Curry in game 7 2017. She doesn't 16. Yeah, that's ah, That's history repeating itself. That's at least where my mind goes. You are not the only one who thinks that way I'm with you on that. Look, everyone's going to overreact to the first game and for hardened to put up a triple double until look like he lost a bunch of weight is great 30 to 12 14 and four steals. But what he does in June and July is really going to dictate whether this Trade was worth at ESPN radio brought to you by Good year helping you discover the road ahead. Goodyear more driven up next You're listening to game night, ESPN radio and the ESPN app. We're back on Monday, continuing to discuss the new look nets. I'll tell you why Keyshawn is wrong, and then that should be the favorites to win the 2021 MBA title. Kisa, Jalen Zubin, six Eastern on ESPN radio. Getting sold on Also, Welcome to AutoZone. What are you working on today?.

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