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Dot Org. We're talking about armed men. With guns and bands unmarked vans. Whipping up into the streets and pulling people out of the streets, and taking them away to a holding cell and trying to interrogate them. And the guy that they're talking to hear doesn't even know yet why they did it to him. Because well, he knew his rights well enough to refuse to answer their questions so when he refused to answer their questions Pete it get any questions, and so he couldn't extract any usable information about why they had kidnapped him off the streets in the first place. Wow, which again was the right choice to make? It's not a good plan to to waive your rights into. Speak to the police, so he did the right thing in that case, but. That doesn't make the event any less terrifying. When you are being taken by men who are not identifying themselves, claiming that the reason they didn't have their name tags on Whiskas, someone to them previously and so we can't have any taxings going on well. If you're ashamed of what you do, you should stop doing it. You know if if you're not able to say proudly, tell your neighbors. This is what I do for a living. Then you shouldn't be doing it. That's a great point and of course, the DACHSHUND for those that don't know is just somebody who's looking up information about another individual that is publicly available, typically, so a doctor unlike a police officer who has access to not publicly available information about you. They've got access to databases that the average person does not. Somebody who's doing duxing well? They get your name and they try to find you. In various different online databases in whatever resources they can do that are available to anyone anybody that knows how to get into these things you can go to a website like white pages dot, com and pay five ninety nine a month or something like that, and you get premium access to it, and you can look up people's phone numbers and addresses and stuff. I mean it's pretty easy to do. And! That's not probably not even the best site for it. It's just the one that that I know about. There's dozens of these sites out there five ninety nine a month. That's not bad think it's not that much. Maybe it's four ninety nine. You get some number of look ups. There's a certain limited number of look up. You can pay more like twenty bucks a month and you get you know hundreds instead of dozens or whatever? But you know the I. It's not hard to do some of the stuff, and if you are a law enforcement officer part of the whole. United States, one of the differences between the US, supposedly other more tyrannical countries is that these people are identifiable that they have a name badge that they have a name associated with the May have a badge number and a name, and they're supposed to give that information when requested by somebody, if it's not obvious on them, if it's covered up in some way or whatever they still are supposed to answer the question, my name is so and so when whatever department badge number X. And sometimes they don't. Yeah do sometimes. They're very hesitant to give that information. And you know it seems like the one thing that they fear is having people know what they do. Sometimes not only they hesitant, but will play games with you by saying things like my name's officer. You ever had that what happened Oh i? Haven't had that one. That's really interesting, yeah! That is not responsive. That is not a responsive answer to the question in new. Hampshire fact is probably a straight up lie as we can confirm pretty easily by looking at your driver's license, indeed but New Hampshire I believe it's eight, if I recall correctly in the constitution that there's like a a right, essentially to have a public government, or like an to have access to who these people are, it's actually a constitutional, constitutionally protected thing here, but still every now and then you'll run into one of these. jokers who doesn't want to tell you who they are? That happens and now we're talking about federal agents in this particular case swoop end grabbing a guy off the streets, taking him into a holding cell at Federal Facility asking him to waive his rights and answer some questions he refuses. They then cut them loose. They say here they met the men let him go almost as suddenly as they'd grabbed him off the streets, according to what he said, he doesn't think he's been charged with any crimes. If you got charged with a crime, they don't just cut. Cut you out after an hour. It's not how it works well I, mean they? Might they cut me out after two hours and undelivered in a Dighton later? Really Yeah, okay. Yeah, they sometimes. They do that. It's all it's you know whatever they think will will will intimidate. Create the optimal level of terror. His detention was first reported by Oregon. Public Broadcasting and videos of similar actions have raised alarm bells for many legal scholars questioned whether the detentions pass constitutional muster, and this is what I was asking earlier quote arrest require probable cause that a federal crime had been committed. That is specific information indicating that a person likely committed a federal offence or a fair probability that the person committed a federal offence, according to a professor at the University of California Berkeley Law school quote if the agents are grabbing people because they may have been involved in protests. That's not probable cause. The attorney said. Federal officers from the US Marshall Service and Department of Homeland Security have stormed Portland streets as part of trump's promised strong response to the ongoing protests, local leaders expressed alarm at news of pettibone detention and echoed calls for the feds to leave. That have grown stronger since Marshall Service officers severely wounded a peaceful protester on Saturday. Oh Wow, I wasn't aware of that. either. Apparently a peaceful protest are in Portland was shot in the head by one of Donald Trump's secret police according to Ron Wyden Democrat from Oregon wrote in a tweet Thursday that also called out Dha. Secretary's challenge, Wolf now. Trump and wolf are weaponising the S.'s their own occupying army to promote violence on the streets of my hometown, because they think it plays well with right.

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