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Well the sturgis. Motorcycle rally happening again in a week. And you just gotta imagine the folks or the cdc among others are filled with dread to help explain the new data on the delta verron on joined by dr peter. Hotels co director of the center for vaccine development texas children's hospital dean of the national school tropical medicine are bill collars medicine and author of preventing the next pandemic vaccine diplomacy in a time of anti-science. All right doctor who does. Here's here's the thing about. The province town study is is that i felt like they're kind of two ways for interpreted one is like. Wow there is a full outbreak among vaccine people. We haven't really seen this before but also this was an incredible stress. Test of the vaccine's efficacy in preventing serious illness. And it held up remarkably well. Is that a fair characterization. Yeah absolutely look these. Vaccines are still very robust. In terms of the way they were designed. I mean the original design of all of these vaccines that came out of operation. Warp speed. Last year was to stop symptomatic illness and then there are still doing that. Originally was ninety five percent. Now it's about down to eighty eight percents for the pfizer by tech vaccine the two doses and a much higher Way over ninety five percent of protecting against hospitalizations and deaths so if you're vaccinated you're almost certainly not going to get very sick or lose your life from from covert nineteen the the idea that these vaccines could also stop ace. Symptomatic transmission was something that came out after the vaccines were released. Their emergency use. And it was studies in israel and the uk showing. Hey in addition to stop being severe symptomatic illness in symptomatic. Guess what it's also stopping a symptomatic transmission because the the antibodies are getting into the nose and mouth and stopping virus shedding. That means then we could take off masks and and if we're vaccinated we don't need to be tested anymore. So the only thing that's really dropped out and they even that's not completely as second performance feature because the delta variant of produces so much more virus and even that may be fixed later on by a third immunization potentially so this is not time to despair if you're vaccinated the ones that we have to despair are those are the unvaccinated of course. And that's what we're now seeing where i live in the southern united states we're seeing lots of unvaccinated young people now going into the hospital even some pediatric intensive care unit. So the overwhelming message is we have to vaccinate the south and we have to vaccinate the mountain west states where very few adolescence and young adults are vaccinated in order to present prevent real catastrophe. As as the school start opening in the south in just a couple of weeks. So there's there's there's a question that an outstanding question well let me follow up on the province town question. I've seen some people today and not just like rondos but some people with public health background saying the province downs. A very special case. I mean the the someone pointed out. It's it's eighty five percent men more or less it's an incredibly intensive. I mean talk about designing a super spreader. There's a lot of drink. A lot of tight quarters. There's a lot of hookups. There's a lot of people being very close to each other that this is not like the most representative of delta spreading more broadly in not as an intensive intensively kind of virus friendly environment as july fourth weekend province town. What do you think of that. Yeah actually this this report that came out in morbidity mortality weekly reports the. Mwr didn't really tell me anything. I didn't know we already knew that there ain't productive number. This virus is between five and eight is highly transmissible for me. The most important thing confirmed is that you're not going to die if you get a few get vaccinated even against the delta varian unless very special circumstances those who are on immunosuppressive therapy or a couple of other factors so i think you know the way it was written that seventy four percent were vaccinated remember. There are thousands and thousands of vaccinated going through providence down but is one of the highest vaccination rates anywhere and the overwhelming number of people are not getting sick. I guess the question then becomes on this mask guidance. Right i mean i guess. Part of part of the argument. You're making is. They're saying look if i'm vaccine. People around me are vaccinated and the province town. Example is an example of the fact that you know that it can spread. You can have an outbreak among people that are vaccinated and in the end not have calamitous results that you would have sort of an unvaccinated than then why why this sort of new masking guidance in indoor areas while the reason is is this because the the vaccines are not as strong and against against delta in terms of that second performance feature of symptomatic vira shedding. It means that if you are then going into a setting like that then coming home to family members who are vulnerable such as little kids or or. those are immuno-compromised you could potentially bring that virus virus home with you. And that's the reason for wearing masks so the truth is many of us. Were vaccinated are still wearing masks when when you go into your settings anyway so i don't think it's going to be that much of a change. In behavior guidance we need right now is for specialty populations those of extreme age or those around immunosuppressive therapy. Do we need that third immunization to keep that small percentage of breakthrough hospitalizations in ch- in t- in intact and we'll this then also stop virus shedding and what about the people who got on a single dose j. j. vaccine. Should they get a second dose. Yeah we should note. That taliban in israel has announced policy for those of a very vast age to get a third shot booster. I think it's the first country That's doing that and that that's something also look for as we go forward. Dr peter hotels clarifying always. Thank you. thank you next. Whistleblowers alleged covert cover of claiming they were told to downplay outbreaks of the krona virus. Among children elden migrant shelters julius ainsley as story right after this there's.

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