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He's making a lot of money doing. Magin. These he is under the money right now. Okay. I'm jumping in here just to tell you that to contribute to races, or Annunciation house, or both. You can go to Al Franken dot com and help these really unbelievable people out for folks to better understand the private detention industry is a multibillion dollar industry. The fact that this man, and his network, of nuns has to cobble together, airfare, or greyhound or meal is obscene the fact that what you're going to hear. Now is the president saying deportations are down in our country. He's not wrong deportations are absolutely down. Because the length of detention is much longer during this government shutdown when there wasn't any money for anything he quietly propped up over forty thousand beds in the mid west to detain people for a long, long time. And it's because someone is. Making a lot of money out of out of workers, because the majority of these folks that come are working. So they're private for profit detentions. I spoke to one of the volunteers, and he was describing to me, a little boy from Guatemala. He was eight years old that he was being housed in one of these the shelters. And I said, well, what was striking about him? He said, well, he wanted to know if there were coffee plantations, because he picks really, well Al he was eight years old. He came here to work. It's shocking and immoral. When we talk about this page in our history. These are crimes against humanity. The fact that the administration openly admits that we have thousands of children that are separated from their families, and they've given up on finding their parents. It's more than a shame on us. It is something that the American people need to rise up and not only demand that the individuals that are heading up these agencies are actually process. Cupid but that these families every single one of them is reunited with their children. It's. It's a shonda. I mean it's, it's. We ask you about the senses. Since nineteen fifty we haven't had a question on the census about the citizen status of the folks in house. Where is this now is court is in court in for my understanding that there is an opportunity still that they can remove the citizens to question? This was basically. Tended to intimidate people to set the table, there's roughly sixteen million Americans that live in MSC status households. Meaning that there is someone in their family that may be undocumented. The idea of putting a census question on the on the census is too, because it's government form. It's to intimidate people to not fully fill out the census or not do it at all by not filling out the census, you deprive people not just a representation, but also of the trillion dollars that our government spends for roads education on the business side. It allows businesses not to know where they should put the next door front, and create jobs. I mean it creates a mess not just for identifying who gets resources but potentially for jobs and for our economy, and so the president under will Ross is basically said, we're going to put that we're gonna smack down that census. So that, basically, it prevents people from fair representation that is their number one issue. But that this taxes of intimidation, don't disturb the Latino community. It hurts. The country because by the constitution, you we have to know who is living within our borders, that is that is one of the few government functions that is actually demanded by the constitution Trump administration in data, you know, it was frightening in the Senate. How many arguments in legislation were about data because data is so important in being able to understand how to apply resources, but also, you know, in like an education. I remember one point we were trying to get in the Essa the new replacement for no child left behind to separate out the data on Asians. How they were doing. Basically, we're saying we're going to. Accumulate data people from a hemisphere. You know, and without separating, you know, mung kids, you know who are first generation or second generation from, you know Chinese who've been here for a long, long time. So you have those kind of fights and data is so important, and this administration has suppressed data. Well, they literally removed data from the websites, they basically no longer me, so removed data on Puerto Rico on how long the electricity has been down in the waters down the currency for this administration is the opposite of transparency, and they do it by design because they realize that the less access, and transparency that the public has on what the president is doing his ministrations doing. They could sell off our national resources like they're doing when it comes to doing deals while government shutdown has gone. They could trade in who is and isn't American. They took down statistics on how many people were naturalized not the stuff that they've done is not only by design, but the American people when people say, why should I care because our tax dollars actually pay into these systems? We are the ones that actually have to have a transparent government, because that is what our currency is. That's what makes us function. And that's what makes us hold our elected people accountable, because at the end of the day they work for us Wilbur Ross his head. Commerce Mormon, which is really the department of data they do the census obviously, they have Noah Noah is about sixty five percent of their budget of Commerce Department within though is the weather service. The weather services data is completely transparent. They appointed a guy to head Noah who is the CEO AccuWeather. Who wanted to suppress all the data from the Weather Channel? And just so people had to go to accurately. So I keep joking that -rupt. Absolutely correct. Yeah. No, I keep I keep joking that we have right now what we have in our White House is basically an Austin powers on awry, we have fem bots. We have Russians we have, and everybody's trying to sell to the highest bidder. And while we look to a change in the administration twenty twenty what we also need to do is that we are ensuring that these institutions of government stay, and that we weed out any cancer of corruption as fast as possible, because the reason that America is as strong as it is, is that we have not had that, ethnic that has hit so many other countries, and that is the idea of, of corruption basically, this is if we re elect this guy, I'm afraid of the markets in this country. He seems it every autocrat around the world. You know corruption is part of the path toward that and his family is profiting, certainly. You know that. I'm going to not vote for Trump. Thank you. You said it here, I wanted to talk a little bit about Schultz. And I think for me, I think that we need to have a debate of ideas within the Democratic Party. I think that is rich and wonderful and the, the nominees eventually are the ones that hold the imagination of the American people. The best my challenge with one declaring independent in the other one saying what we can't do. I just find it really rich that these are two billionaires, who had a kernel of an idea who transformed their industries, and now trying to. Terminal of an idea idea, which I think, is more sophisticated than a bean. But no. The, the says rollout was so awful Bloomberg. I think is serious guys been, you know, mayor of large large city and, and also in the champion on climate and on guns. And he's Ryan the Democratic Party, which is what he should be canceled this split it. But I think the challenge really is, if we do not understand what income inequality is after we saw bread lines of federal workers, minimizing. It's disgusting. I think that the shutdown brought to light how close to the edge. So many Americans are because federal workers have a steady job, people have a good sketti job out there within two weeks. Four weeks of breadline or missing house payment this, why when I I hear folks saying. We can't do this. It's, it's a lack of will because one hundred years ago, we were at the crossroads of many things we had an immigration debate. We were basically changing from a technological workforce from your culture to industrial. We had the great depression, we had great war, and what we decided was that we were going to double down America, and we created a strong thriving middle class. And right now, we are at across Winston this country, where we have to think ambitiously on Daesh Asli because otherwise, make America great again. I tweak it on the sides.

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