Nasa, New Hampshire, GOP discussed on Fox News Sunday


Perspective of news. You won't find anywhere else. Listen, goingto fuck. Snooze podcasts dot com. She didn't exactly get the support of the Republican Party, but she won the GOP nomination for sheriff in New Hampshire. Aria di Meso, a self described transsexual Satan ist anarchist, has won the GOP nomination for the sheriff's job in Cheshire County, New Hampshire, She says her win proves the system is utterly and hopelessly broken. Semester was unopposed and guarded more than 4200 votes. She says she ran because she opposed the system, calling it a lie broken from beginning to end. She will now campaign against four term incumbent Democratic Sheriff Eli Rivera to mesas supports decriminalizing drugs, illegal immigration and sex work. She also wants Chester County to secede from both New Hampshire and the U. S. She says she's looking forward to debating her opponent. Sue Guzman. Fox NEWS New Orleans is bracing for another storm that's expected to hit as a hurricane. Tropical storm Sally could cause extreme flooding along the Gulf Coast. Instead of traveling to the moon for samples of rock and soil. NASA is outsourcing. NASA is planning a lunar return in four years. But the space agency now has a plan to acquire Moon rocks and lunar soil by using contractors who could send robots. To collect samples. A number of companies are planning on sending machines to the moon to begin exploratory mining operations, and NASA says it simplifies a way of getting a hold of lunar material for research. Aside from dirt and rocks, NASA says it's interested in getting its hands on lunar ice if it can be retrieved. Eben Brown Fox News, a lock of Abraham Lincoln's hair has been sold at auction in Boston, the roughly two inch long strand along with the bloodstained telegram about his 18 65 assassination sold for more than $81,000. That's more than what was expected. There's no word on the buyer. On Chris.

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