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Four lives injured hundreds of people number more than nine thousand buildings to the ground. They were the deadliest wildfires in state history. Until now. Just over a year later northern. California's campfire has been even deadlier research joins me with more Hamer. So Morita I go back to the fires you reported on in the show again it's been over a year. Do we know yet what sparked them? Well, we don't know what sparks the biggest and deadliest the tubs fire, which was the one that hit the city of Santa Rosa. But in about sixteen other cases throughout the northern part of the state. We do know that the electrical utility Pacific Gas and electric or PG any is being blamed by state investigators. And in many of those cases, we also know that the state says that PG knee acted negligently in that they did not upkeep their electrical equipment to the standards. They're expected to by law PG, and he could have powered down portions of the electrical grid preemptively during extreme weather, but it wasn't company policy to do that has it changed at all in the last year. Yeah, that's right. And this spring PG did come out and say that they were changing their policy that they now in certain conditions where it's very hot and dry in. The winds are very strong. They may in some situations. Tell residents that they could lose their power. And we actually did see them do that once this fall. But they did not do it in Butte county where the campfire broke out. And so there's questions being raised about whether that was the right decision. PG did report a disturbance on one of its big transmission lines, very close to where firefighters believe the campfire started. That's led to a lot of speculation about whether PG needed 'cause this latest fire, and what it could mean for the utilities future prison. Trump just visited the fire zones in both northern and southern California. He pledged federal help, but Trump has also been critical of state leaders blaming these fires on poor force management. What should we make of that criticism for about one hundred years the state and federal officials really worked to aggressively? Suppressed fires in wildlands. And what happens is that means a lot of dry fuel has built up over that time. But. This is well beyond just a forest management problem in California. We've had really extreme drought conditions in California. The heat that we're seeing year round which many attribute to climate change. So to say that this is just an issue of cleaning out more dead brush and trees is to really oversimplify a problem that has just exploded in its magnitude over the last couple of years. Thanks so much for talking to me today. Thanks for having me. I'll recent is reporter for she and her colleague Lisa pickoff white in sukey Lewis reported on last year's fire force. We're going to keep investigating the effects of wildfires including smoke year that is blanketed much California this year if you had to get treatment for heart or breathing problems. Or if you treated people for conditions related to smoke get in touch with us just takes the word fire two six three seven three five again takes fired two.

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