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The eighth anniversary of missing portland area teen kyron horman was last seen at his elementary school june fourth when his stepmother dropped him offers science fair from the beginning investigators have focused on the stepmother terri horman though she has never been charged should remains a person of interest since chiron was only seven years old when he vanished authorities have released in asia progress photo of him hoping to spark new tips in the case seattle's mayor speaking out against the us supreme court ruling in favor of a colorado baker who wouldn't make a wedding cake for same sex couple the court is not signing the big issue in the case whether a business can invoke religious objections to refuse service to same sex couples the justices limited ruling instead focused on what the court described as anti religious bias on the the colorado civil rights commission when it ruled against baker jack phillips the justices voted seventy two that the commission violated phillips rights under the first amendment seattle mayor jenny durkan tweeted this morning that the rule is quote appalling and unjust and she went on to call it a jarring reminder how easily rights are denied by wrongly using a veil of faith to disguise hate frank lenzi komo news meantime christian wagner is an attorney with a group called alliance defending freedom she says her client baker who filed suit is pleased with the decision along but he very relieved to know that he will not have to violate his conviction choose between his convictions and his family business because that no one should have to pay and washington state attorney general bob ferguson says the ruling in favor of the baker is not likely to make many changes in a similar case in our state for this and says the ruling may lead to some additional procedural steps but he insists it will not affect the ultimate outcome in the arlene flowers case come on news time one oh four aaa traffic every ten.

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