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Because right now eight six six five four four and my FM Tony George in the morning traffic tell me what is going on well that's a good news if you had to get to legion parkway ten freeway northbound side just what gets the five that was where Caltrans was working the right way to do some measurements after earlier investigation so all lanes there been reopened writes a little bit so coming away from Manchester to about the ten freeway that its accident out from there you had a choice of five south outside the wind had still seen some pretty heavy right by seventy twenty six about third street but then wide open through south LA bus outside the tents are pretty busy though from the five to the one ten and then delayed again from about Arlington about towards Bundy he had a few words tell me they didn't have a little bit of an update on that so police activity on the twenty two so on the eastbound side the twenty two at harbor that off ramp is still shut down because of police activity but on the westbound side the operand has been re opens all the service rates are still sat down those so hardware set down northbound between Westminster and garden Grove Boulevard Trask is shut down between Clinton and New Hope in garden Grove Boulevard is shut down between palm and Weston is that still a lot of congestion through that entire area if you're on the southbound side of the five just before you get to the fifty five looks at the crystal car how the way but still see delays you come out of way to park off of the ninety one the traffic report sponsored by mercury insurance nine out of ten of mercury insurance customers choose to renew their policies each year with over two million customers and counting that means there are a lot of happy drivers out there head over to mercury insurance dot com today to get a fast free quote that's mercury insurance dot com thank your traffic I'm Tony Jordan whether four three by at them from the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center we make it easy one oh four three my FM wants to send you to experience family fun at the Disneyland resort the happiest place on earth go head to head with the first.

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