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Stadium Corwin hake komo news the NFC west has a new leader thanks to a strong finish last night in front of a national audiences comes right covered chairs the reaction of fans at CenturyLink field who is this season's second Monday Night Football experience of epic proportions great game great game but we ain't gonna lie but they were awesome favorite play of the game that pump fake and probably the wrestles into us down the down the field there's a lot more confidence in Ross Wilson and company I know that we're gonna win a lot of confidence zero percent stop us all right let's not jinx it rather let's just revel in the moment como news sounder trains have been delayed this morning because of separate incidents including one it was fatal rain strike pedestrian and it appears we out of the Taliban and Scott Thompson with sound transit says the person was struck on the tracks there's Sumner north line train passengers were bused around the investigation that around seven fifteen this morning a south line train had to stop in your car keep park for a separate incident a man walking next to the tracks was either brushed by the speeding train or pushed over by the wind from it and take it to a local hospital to get checked out coming up to my men headed back to court claiming the state AG made at intentionally pathetic defense of the car jobs measure Carlene Johnson eleven oh four hand which actually traffic every ten minutes on the floors with once again here in Jordan starting off this eleven o'clock hour with no blocking problems on the roads most of the commuter moving right along at the speed limit but three areas that aren't northbound four oh five still has slow going from the valley freeway to sunset northbound I. five with often on still in from the west Seattle bridge to the ship canal bridge and south on I five you'll be tapping your brake pedal as you're coming out from under the convention center to the west Seattle bridge but like I said the rest of our drive they are looking good our next call traffic at eleven fourteen your forecast let's check it out with set point mostly cloudy conditions come through during the day today maybe a separate here and there but expect more clouds and sunshine high temps near fifty degrees.

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