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The let's go go you're about to experience action like you've never before action sports celebrities bad asses and minnesota view all coming to you from the polaris razor studio this is jim beavers project action exclusively on podcast one walk to another glorious edition of project action on podcast one coming at you from the polaris razor studios and most weeks we are driven by our good friends at general tire reminding you are anywhere as possible but this week something a little bit different general tires other company a sister company parent company continental tire had us out at the long beach grand prix last weekend taking in the m so the indycar the stadium super trucks events amazing time had by all but my coast on the down and dirty radio show amy hood she was out there with me together we tag team some interviews with some of the best drivers in the imps championship prototype drivers driving on those continental tires we team some interviews we're able to catch up with colin braun jordan taylor his teammate ringer and also ryan l we knocked out some interviews we had eight ton of fun and i think you're gonna get get to see a side of these drivers that you don't normally get to see and that's what we're all about whether it be on project action or the downunder radio show giving you a different side and a little bit of the personality behind some of the best drivers in motor sports action sports hollywood celebrities bad asses everything in between so welcome to project action this week thank you guys for being here i think he really gonna enjoy the show like i said three world class interviews with four world class racers coming at you this week if you're just joining us for the first time i we got a lot of new listeners we drop that dax shepard interview he team with me in the polish razor star car a couple of weeks ago at the tv world championship lot of new listeners because of that.

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