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Says his business is off seventy percent and customers are heading to the black market to get what they want in Dearborn chemicals K. W. J. R. news converse one review to to leave still getting heat for comment she made this week to Detroit police chief Craig well during the police crime center the chief we showed the Congress woman how facial recognition technology works to lead told the chief that he should hire only black people as analyst for this because she said non blacks think that all African Americans lookalike certainly after saying it. she incense several who were in the center at the time African American some Caucasian because they know that the men and women who service analysts are well trained they're professionals and it doesn't matter race gender longer well trained and evidence of their training is the fact that we haven't had a misidentification chief Craig was on the guy Gordon show Dallas police will open an internal investigation in the aftermath of the amber Geiger trial after testimony on covered a number of questionable activities by police Geiger is a former officer given ten years for shooting a black neighbor who the officer thought was an intruder in her apartment he wasn't and it was in her apartment a hearing is set today and Wayne County for on unusual legal matter judge Tracy green had been assigned to hear the murder trial of Albert weather's who is charged with the murder of a Detroit transgender woman at the request of prosecutors she the judge agreed to step down because she had contributed to a fund raiser for the wife and daughter of the accused killer governor Whitman's budget cuts in Lansing affect thousands of students in private colleges tuition grants for those students have been available for years they've been cut out of the budget so thousands of students will be affected in the state of Michigan a military training exercise at camp Shelby Alaska left at least twenty two paratroopers injured after they landed in the trees in the forest authorities don't know what went wrong during that night time jump W. R. news time six so. they are world market updates sponsored by mother Waddell's donate your car to mother wattles help the poorest of the poor call three one three Waddell's China's market was up Tokyo closed down London is down right now the Dow futures are up twenty one after a big selloff over the last couple of sessions for W. J. R. news I'm Decatur more with Kevin descend to minute. and.

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