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4th. For tickets, visit Broadway at the national dot com. This is WTO P news three 53 Arlington county police are using electronic signs to tell you that loud mufflers are now against the law. Arlington now says the department has deployed two of the signs near memorial bridge, one in Pentagon city, a fourth on glebe road between Arlington Heights and alcova heights on July 1st, Virginia lawmakers again gave police the power to pull over cars for excessively loud exhaust systems. It's not what the law calls a primary offense. For a year in an effort to reduce racial disparities in traffic stops, state law prohibited police from pulling drivers over for noise alone, but complaints about loud cars dramatically increase so the legislature changed the law back. Two more pedestrians were killed on fairfax county roads this week, the number of pedestrian deaths this year is up from this time last year, NBC four's Darcy Spencer looks into why. Two pedestrians were struck and killed in separate incidents within 48 hours in fairfax county, there have now been 12 fatalities in the county so far this year. That's compared to 7 at this time last year. We spoke to police about the circumstances surrounding both of these deaths, both victims they say were in the roadway when they were hit. And we ask why these fatalities are on the rise. All right, Darcy will be watching, and dirks Bentley is one of the biggest country music stars of the past 20 years tomorrow. He brings his beers on me tour to merriweather post pavilion. We're in for a party, man. It's a lot of fun. Dirk Bentley will perform hits like what was I thinking? I've been picking our show off with it on this tour. It's just lightning in a bottle. But what was I thinking a lot of leaving left to do? Act like I met my wife when lot of leave and left to do was on the radio. I'm sure her parents love that song. Even left to do and free and easy down the road I go. This is an American, a fool of the west and the pool of the open road pretty easy down the road I grew. Here are full chat on my podcast beyond the fame. Jason for AEW taking news. WTO three 55 money news 25 and 55 were about to end the trading week. Here's Jeff claywell. Final closing bell of the week in 5 minutes. The Dow is down 6 points. The S&P 500 Index is up one point,

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