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Listen to us and discuss it because as much as i'd dump on education rich that is an education company. Take an ethnic education is the most important attribute of <hes> from somebody should seek right yeah absolutely it depends on what kind of education and just as rich as saying find out what the kids are interested in find out what you're interested in and seek the education to that so anyway his elect raila love love love this book you know one of the mona melissa. What did you think of the book robert. I thought it was one of the best books that i've ever read as you know we do. We do a lot of research here for the show and see we see a lot of business books and i really must say yeah. I thought richest book <hes> was by far one of the best i think i think his message is very very critical really for everyone and the hardest thing for me was i was always labelled stupid now. The good news was the more they labeled me stupid more inspired. I got to prove them wrong. So actually it worked reverse where but i also saw other kids got labeled stupid and they believed it when they believe that's that's dangerous and it's it's just a tragedy break that child's spirit desire to learn because you know he talked about a._d. Whatever h._d._a. is is called acute boredom. Why do they hire the most boring teach people in the world to be teachers. I just don't understand that they're just barring people that they couldn't make it in real life so they become teachers. Oh god i hate it anyway. Well then i think when we you talked about this at the break with rich one of the one of the keys and one of the trade offs that's happened is trade. Everybody's so driven to get that a and to get into the right school and they're they're scheduled every single minute of the day and they've traded this drive for early success and they've given up curiosity. They've given up creativity. They've they've given up discovery. These kids don't discover and they did not curious because they're told you have to do this this this this i think that's a crime and other thing too is i see these parents driving and a little precious darlings from this event piano lessons golf lessons soccer lessons. Give them a bike dumped. The ride in. Tom worked worked for the money. I mean this boy little this poem rotten anyway. I'm just jealous because i got nothing anyway so you can submit your questions. Just ask robert at richdad dot com melissa. What's the question our first question. Today comes from brianna in salt lake city favorite book rich woman. Thank you brianna sir. Sir question is this. My husband and i are trying to give our kids some base financial education. We see the differences in how they each learn and handle money. Do you have any suggestions on what steps we should take to continue their education so they will find learning about money fun well. I hope you have a cash cash. Flow board game because the cash flow board game is of the best teaching tool much better than a boring old schoolteacher because cash flow involves solve your brain your emotions because you hate losing yet the physically do something and in inspires spirit because you know losing a wonderful thing if it inspires inspires you to win but somebody kids like like a said there brittle. They have no resilience to him. They they just want everything handed to him. What a pack a losers man. What a pack of losers so that's why talks about with hillbilly ila j. marine corps stripe them up send the kid into the marine corps but no less important thing is have fun. That's why i still play monopoly mirisch dacha sorry applying monopoly with me the other thing he did. He then took me to his. You know four greenhouses red hotel. He took me to his greenhouses. I went holy moly that it was more than just a board game so i if yeah i don't i'm not saying it has to be real estate but if it stocks look at a guy array dallaglio abridge weather biggest hedge from the world he started buying stocks at a young ace amos warren buffett. Would you want to do it when the brain is still malleable pliable so take the child..

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