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Of India have been inundated by severe flooding correspondent Elaine. Quixote's says thousands are trapped Sandia the state of Kerala has been. Devastated by the worst flooding in a century more than three hundred fifty people have been killed and around eight hundred thousand are now homeless the intense downpours started almost two weeks. Ago and have triggered raging floods and landslides officials say the weather is. Improving and they hope to rescue nearly ten thousand people by Monday Al Sharpton was ripping into President Trump on his MSNBC show this weekend addressing the president's insults toward former White House aide Domiro some. Medical Newman who recently wrote a tell all, book Sharpton told the president to show some respect like Aretha Franklin's nineteen sixty seven hit song so in, the words. Of my late friend Aretha Franklin show some are ESPN is c. t., seemed Sharpton did not realize. He spelled the word incorrectly Matt piper CBS news News It's Donald five at the bay area's news station KCBS Coty and foggy. Tonight and we've got some lows in the, fifties and then tomorrow back into the sixties to the nineties around the bay. Area good. Evening I'm Susan. Kennedy we'll get your full forecast in just a few. Minutes here's what's. Happening being late has not a good way to make a first impression on your first day of, school but that may be the case for hundreds of San Francisco students because of shortage of Muny. Operators the good news is part. Time operators have been transferred to fulltime. Operators Paul rose from. Uni, however the San Francisco Examiner reporting that many as fifty six thousand students returning to school on city buses Monday will face service delays and longer wait times because of a shortage of some one hundred and fifty Muny operators still we're doing everything we can to ensure that any delay to students getting to school people getting to work is. Minimal good idea to get an early start at already. Believe we will update our riding Public as soon. As possible. As early as. Possible we'll let you knock any extent on some of. The lines going. Forward and to follow that real time you could follow us on Twitter at at defense underscore Munich, San Francisco unified school district study showed that from twenty ten to this year over half of high. School students say they take public. Transportation home from school in San Francisco. Scotla teary KCBS KCBS. News, time now at ten zero six after being released from the Santa Rita jail at one thirty in the morning last month Jessica Saint Louis was found dead from a suspected overdose at a Bart station activists held a vigil saying that there should be an end to late night releases from the jail just come Nolan is the executive director. Of the young women's freedom center she says she's heard. Some terrifying stories from women You know being released to dangerous situations not having. Clothes not. Having access to phone calls we've heard of a cab driver. You're seeing, lined up outside offering rights perpetual favor Absolutely not Alameda sheriff's office has defended the practice saying inmates cannot be detained longer than their. Jail sentences State. Lawmakers in Sacramento considering. A, Bill that would end, California's cash bail system that proposal was once supported by civil rights activists KCBS is Keith men Coney reports say now are concerned. That the Bill would not meet its goal of bringing more equity to the criminal Justice system. Rods, giant is, a coordinator for Silicon? Valley debugged an advocacy group that originally supported as baton now he says what is being introduced is categorically a different Bill backers of Espy ten say they're hoping to replace the current system in which of waiting jailtime means posting large sums of money with the system where the decision to release or not release would instead be determined by. A risk assessment that looks at the likelihood that the defendant will commit crimes or flee trial but. Giant says that the law has been changed in ways that give too much discretion to judges and he also argues that the standard for detention has been set too low back how SB ten is going to equate to More people being locked up pre-trial state Senator Bob Hertzberg co author of the Bill sees it differently we can't solve everything at. Once but he says the Bill would bring improvements over the current Bill system and as for the. Doubts about how fair judges would be he says are you saying that we just don't trust the judicial system at some point What's the purpose of having a judge Keith Makoni KCBS and just ahead on KCBS Butler Osama fell where, the smart, trans celebrates its birthday with free rides the first year has just been amazing KCBS I four traffic and the traffic center it's Frank scenic a and it's big problems on the bay bridge in the westbound direction westbound. Eighty of the incline section the far right lane is still closed in the wake of the crash that had at least one point blocked the two right lanes and that really has done damage the traffic is traffic interest by that problem were looking at a solid backup approaching the. Bay bridge tolls now to the eight eighty over crossing in that continues out to the scene of that crash on the incline section problems in. Sunnyvale was found to thirty seven just before Mathilde. We have the far left lane blocked by. A crash there eastbound four just before railroad avenue in Pittsburgh cars slammed into a poll are merging emergency crews are blocking the far right lane there we're. Seeing a little bit of a break Tapping at the scene your next traffic update is. At ten eighteen on the traffic leader k Cloudy and foggy tonight with overnight lows in the fifties we're going to see, some clearing tomorrow at the coast and by the bay with our highs in the sixties beaches upper sixties and middle seventies around the bay. Back into the, mid eighties to low nineties inland traffic and, weather together. On the Sunol news one of six nine AM seven forty KCBS. KCBS news. Time ten ten the Marin. Sonoma's smart train celebrated its first birthday with, free rights all weekend KCBS is Bob Butler reports ridership has been strong in, the agency plans extend service to the larks per ferry terminal by the end. Of, next. Year, smart.

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