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Do you think there's any chance they harrison ford actually appears in this summer i've been wondering that ever since the movie was announced honestly if there is like some sort of i don't know who again lashed area like flash ford or something but i really don't know i mean we'll find out sooner but i i kind of i say no but i do you could start it with his his funeral that we didn't see in the last shed i like that wouldn't put him in it would it so that's going to be in the uh the space coughing or their whether there would be yes yeah although those be kind of depressing the start the film with the funeral i don't i don't i don't want of the funeral in that movie i don't want harrison ford to appeared just know that seem so force than an totally undercuts his death in force awakens yeah okay um let's move on a to a alex garland his film an allegation this coming out soon we just talked with early buys yesterday and he's doing press in he is revealed his next project is going to be a tv series jakup what are we now well we know is what garland told fandango in an interview arms can read his quote the next project provided happens hopefully you're gonna shoot it later this year it's an eightpart television series were affects sort of a sciencefiction sort of a science fiction but it's much more technologybased sifi whereas annihilation is more loosen the genic form of sifi and more fantastical form of sifi this is slightly more in common with projects i've worked on the exmafia not will let never let me go which todd taking something but our world now not a ruled in the future but our waters is right now and drawing sort of an inferences inclusions about it so we actually knew the garland had a deal with affects a couple of years ago.

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