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Could be that name by database here no i it's east hi i planting this flag i'm going to die on that hill if you want but here i know the answers jacob beason draw we've god two teams left here in the sec east we've got vandi now we've got kentucky which one do you feel better about let's let's go to the sea of blue let's go kentucky okay which i believe is our paul ryan nanny mentioned this on the live show it's his pick to win the east the most chaotic seven and six last year returned a ton returned a ton some news came out of kentucky that doreen baker their wide receiver recently suffered an ankle fracture and dislocation full which is not good require surgery is going to be out for while i do have a duty to avoid been and el dan okay benny snell solid running back thirteen touchdowns almost 1100 yards last year's a freshman um he's the focal point of the often stem so i've been work shopping a few muruga slogans i i didn't find a whole lot here in the range of options but i like i like mock schnell what a bit of a german spin on it in german mock schnell means to go faster make a quick okay if you have to if you need that colon if you need that parentheses if you need that dash that hyphen i'm not with it mock schnell okay give me number two now that's i'm saying that though that's it that's it that i thought about snell hell but that's just that she's a you know i want a real joker real slogan a real plum that we can go with what about what about benny in the jets now because on the jet mom schnauser cultured on the show we gotta go german snell roses smelly carole go the rose bowl nikki all right.

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