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The capital they need to start and scale, their company is harder to get. If you're in these, what some call flyover country. And as a result, there's a huge brain drain where people who grow up in those places end up leaving. So how do we slow that brain drain? So keep more people are able to stay where they want to stay and and even how to trigger boomerang people left now, feel like maybe it's time to come back. Maybe it's time to come home when you look at your entire career and then where you are now. How do you personally define success? I think it's about impact and and I do have a desire to have a broad impact. And so trying to kind of reach more people more places, whether it be with the internet or more recently with the rise rested, it's trying to have the broadest possible impact. And I wanted try to. Maximize the impact I have. And so I tend to pick bigger problems and try to have kind of a bigger impact. I recognize when you do that, they are also bigger risks. Some of the things we try to do not be successful. I understand that. But I think you know for me, it's how do you make sure you are doing everything can to make the world a better place and try to you kind of looked up as many people and communities as possible, and you spent years mentoring entrepreneurs, it's something that you still regularly do, but is there maybe a Goto piece of advice that you would give to someone who just wants to have a career like yours. Ultimately comes down to people and teams that entrepreneurship is a is a team sport. It's not about any one person that you know the founding CEO tends to get most of the attention, but it really is a team effort that certainly the case with a also case with all the companies that were involved in as investors. So recognizing that team dynamic and trying to make sure you have the right mix of skills and perspectives on the team is important and the other related point, and there's an African proverb, I, I love what you want to go quickly. You can go alone. You wanna go far, you must go together and going far going together means partnerships. And so that partnership, our intention, I think is very important. It's all about relationships. It's ultimately comes down to people whether the individual people on your team or the people you need to work with the stabbing partnerships or the people you need to increasingly work with in the third wave that are going to impact policy regulators, other folks. If you get the people right. I think you know almost anything is possible if you don't get the people. Right. I'd argue nothing is possible. Well, thank you very much. Thank you. Great. To be with you. Thanks for listening to this is success from business inside and our shows produced by Animas Iraqis and Sarah Wyman dam. Bob cough is our executive producer. I'm rich fluid before you go, we've got a glimpse at who Steve case may have been. Had he pursued a different passion. I almost went into the music business. If I hadn't gone into the, you know, the technology business is really quite smitten in my high school and some college years. And you know, did some concert promotion other other sorts of things. So I I could have gone into that. Were you in a band? I was in a band, although I, it was not a particularly successful. Dan, what kind of music was with two different bands? One was called the and the other was called the vans, and I was the the, the low is pretty good name. And I was the lead singer, but couldn't really sing. So I decided that was not a great career move next week on the show. We've got refinery twenty nine CEO Christine barberie. Initially, the idea of building a media startup sounded like the last thing she'd want to do, but she decided to hear a pitch from her soon to be co founders over drinks. I literally left those Margaritas with Philip in Justin, and I was like, oh my God, I have to do this subscribe to. This is success in apple podcasts or wherever you listen to catch that episode and explore are archived. Please leave us a rating and writer review. It helps others find the show. This is success is a production of insider audio..

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