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This week a lot of fun there was a lot of fun and to murder martin knows doctor good luck of luck's just don't know the fire shot and have just as good a term than any time we have a buck exclaimed percentage oh you didn't get that you know is it looks a lot easier when it is in a one emerged boston especially if there's a cut yelling you know it's hard to take one and stay on him when all of this traction gone on so you can't group on it was a real pleasure we had good whether nobody called by was out they what is layout danny and but to embrace in nearly it was it was a really good that really got that so you got back in the both now what's been gone on to seek other well lerner i have good reports and different direction i really her win heard me was great but a bit my way i'm down the in the coastal down to the wall area i didn't exist the wall it's so obvious more and the bodies are worn i don't know why all look alleges of the pond hughes warriors chernoff off i did players to shore up on the record because i think it was a team through via bart eleven o'clock and they want to go try to catch him which is so we move into the arms where we get catch a few rotation of course the best work you know we're going group portends well so good report down in the be avenue area i think if not est in any one area you know hot options for that in the well use i think i could it came out of their with maybe thirty trot and if i wish they even the pond encouraging traded all mock term there probably protocol women of it here and had eight or ten best to go with then when they're much everywhere the rest of the week and i worry and southeastern biloxi marsh well we caught a lot of stuff will travel here you know i had already one gary yesterday sixty far as so and then yard but he can you know shrimp under record preller didn't seem to matter i used opening night color and no one.

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