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I hate my job welcome to about sixty eight percent of americans so why do you hate your job well mainly if because this half my only son's life okay what do you want to do do you have any idea what you would like to be doing if i could snap my fingers and give you the job yes i like to teach school and coach the ball okay what do you do right now i have a your truck driver okay do you have do you have your degree because being a teacher will require a degree that's the problem i have two degrees but made a one of marin education what are the two degrees a athlete training sports medicine degree and i have a criminal justice degree interesting why teacher why teacher why do you want to be a teacher fun has some special education needs and i've interacted with those kids and positive our special education director said that she thought i'd make it special education teacher and well i'd love to pursue the pat the main thing is i won't be home that's the issue so stop right there at phone that's one of the issue i get it i think it's the issue your truck driver and you're missing half of your son's life that's the show this is apple now that you've got you know i was going to quit when he was thirty and we said okay i'll.

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