Charlie Turner, Wall Street Journal, Reporter discussed on WSJ What's News - How the U.S. Can Get More Women into the Workforce


But just for instance if you created as some countries have a right for employees who are fulltime workers to request a part time schedule say you've you've become apparent and you want to work fewer hours now to have more time for child care if you create a right for workers to request that employers to grant it it could cause some employers to discriminate against a potential parents when they're hiring even though that would be illegal aid to discriminate against women when they're hiring because they don't want to have to give those requests a grant those requests down the road i think it's a huge temptation for employers to succumb to that this person is a single mother and maybe we should steer clear from hiring her yes and that that sort of discrimination is not legal uh but it's pre as you said pretty easy see that happening also view create incentives make it easier to do parttime work uh which alive parents might might prefer to fulltime schedules you you create the at the potential for women to get stuck in these jobs that don't have a real good chance of advancement was studies i looked at no that us women as opposed to women and other advanced economies are much more likely to work fulltime and to be in higher level jobs so there there may be some uh some role there uh for those policies to backfire in some ways wall street journal reporter been lubes dwarf joining us from washington ben thanks a lot of thank you for having me and thanks for listening i'm charlie turner at the news desk in new york ambition comes with airbags the wall street journal listen ambitiously.

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