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Little bit later on rich hill and overton dodgers padres and chat would ingrained key rockies and diamondbacks than as john gray pitched a very good game last night for colorado that's a big plus for him lead to get gray hoffman shadow would and free lynn that's not a bad rotation lower young but not have not abed rotation i'd or giants pregame is coming up next the josh is here matt great job today raff of course we love you and a great job but once again and a happy july fourth everybody so we'll take a break giants pregame next right here in these sports leader these brought it to the world framing training you're going like that three get your sharing the burden for him it's always cause for celebration whether eighteen delivery rule one more big polish why on the guy james whether it's brahma warned what the giants reigning boy i korean don the colors of origin black risotto spring long we kind of waiting for him and he has a think big relief citing factor fleece new life than than jiman team from coming home to love banks of the show giants pirates live from pnc park these skill all beautiful summertime after dude here along the shores of the eighty river just across the roberto clemente bridge from downtown pittsburgh it's the giants at the pirates scheme jewish threegame series jansher built some mohmed job they've won warner all a commanding performance last night today to give the ball to their lefthander matt more try to make it a fivegame win streak against the hard throwing young righthander chad cool of the pirates i'm dave fleming along with dwight caper it's the giants end the pirates baseball on the radio okay keep your eyes closed i want to show you my first ever painting all right okay open your eyes oh that's l colors and shape sylviane address what do you think.

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