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Andrew cuomo on the brink. I never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. I am sixty three years old. That is just not who i am. Fresh amount on the new york governor to resign after damning sexual harassment report. We'll have the latest also ahead. One year on from the devastating blast in lebanon. How beirut's creatives coping and a little later in the program we'll have a flick through some of the latest optimism. Stories with nick minnie's nick. What's on your radar today. Well there's a new highway in cairo causing some uproar and some football and urbanism looking forward to the at all that and more ahead here on the briefing with me comment wits. President joe biden has joined other democrat lawmakers in calling on andrew cuomo to resigned from his post as governor of new york. The state's attorney general released a damning report yesterday which found the governor had sexually harassed eleven women. So what's next for cuomo. And what will happen if he doesn't resign. Well let's get the latest with our new york correspondent henry sheridan who joins us now. Good afternoon and good morning where you are henry. Brian kelly on your side of the pond. remind us about the main findings of this report so this report was more than four months in the making terms of the duration of the investigation. And yeah came out yesterday. It's main findings with that. Andrew cuomo the new york governor sexually harassed nearly a dozen women including current and former aides. Some of this harassment to perform the suggestive comments but cuomo also touch some women without their consent including a state trooper who was working. As part of his security detail. Report also said the cuomo created toxic atmosphere in office. The left these women afraid to report the governor's harassment for fear of retribution. In the attorney general of yorker to shames as the welder report reveals deeply. Disturbing picture of the governor's actions at the matter is civil in nature does not have any criminal consequences. Appreciated that it would be the purview of of other prosecutors to pursue criminal charges essentially in the future well henry regular listeners monocle twenty four on the show and of course others will have heard your frequent chronic cling of this story. It's kind of continued to unfold in recent weeks a month. Does that give you any particular insight in terms of what might happen next given the complexity of the civil versus the criminal aspect Also this factor that this is not really a an established Impeachment process were an established process for what happens should the sorts of of claims and accusations be found. Do you have any sense of what the next steps might look like the same considering the next steps is the pressure for cuomo to resign which was significant. Even before this report was released has now reached a kind of fever pitch an interest to indicate how how much pressure is under the president. Joe biden. who's who's a longtime friends. In fact that the governor has has cooed him to resign in light of this report house speaker. Nancy pelosi us. He's been a longtime associate of quo. Family knows only the governor also for the first time who has called for him at step aside in light of this report so he'll have to resist that immense pressure to resign if not power if that is able to do that that he may face impeachment proceedings at new york state's itself taken forward by the state itself now unlike other states new york doesn't have his to remove elected officials via recall instead an impeachment process unlike the the presidency so that would start in the assembly the state's low at chamber if the majority of the assembly votes to impeach equipment. The matter will then move to impeachment cooled at consisting of all the sitting state senators except the majority leader and at seven members. Of new york's highest court. The of appeals they. Would they need to vote. I woulda two third majority to remove cuomo but as you mentioned. There's very little precedent for this. Not really impressive. At all of the fifty. Six governors state as had only one was impeached has been impeached. That was back in nineteen thirteen. His name was governor. William soul sir. An evening in that instance cases controversial sorts defenders say he was innocent and that his impeachment orchestrated by the time all political machine put him into power but which here which he later define and there's essentially no case law the matter at passage in the state constitution addressing. The matter is is vague about what falls into the category of an impeachable offense. So it's all very very murky going forward this at this juncture pretty murky and the mist of time. You still in short trousers went you henry back in nineteen thousand thirteen Let me see. Then let's say that cuomo cannot ride this out and it does have the feeling like the these these of controversy keep on coming any sense of what. The succession story could like. If that were to happen yeah. He goes succession stories. Pre clear he'll be replaced by the lieutenant governor. Kathy hokuto hokuto would become the first female governor if if if that does take place and been elected on a ticket with cuomo twice but they seem to have too close of a working relationship and who has cooled cuomo to resign herself. Might have this repealed. Now hendra. I mentioned earlier. That you've been tracking the cuomo story oversee from your vantage point. in new york city and i'm sure our listeners. If they want to kind of track back and hear those chapters they'll be able to find them on our on our website wherever got their pokers etc. But just remind us about this fall from grace. Because it's pretty well. It's pretty spectacular. isn't it. i think he's definitely worth casting your mind back to supposed the first quarter of last year. Where at the beginning of the of the corona virus outbreak in america of which. New york was at the epicenter cuomo. Really it kind of was able to to use his handling of that crisis as springboards to kind of boost his profile to to to a national profile really kind of became a national dawning and the back of his widely viewed televised corona virus briefings. That went onto win enemies in fact but the beginning of this year his his golden boy reputation began to be tarnished with a with a series of scandals of one of the most of the was that he had a concealed the extent so governments abusive conceal the extent of nursing home. That's new caused by troy virus. Another extremely series strands of the allegations against him with sexual harassment allegations which is now being investigated air but which began back then. There was also a bizarre strands that he had Used state resources to compose a self-aggrandizing book giving account if his handling of the pandemic american crisis so it. Really things have really snowballed for him over the course of the last year and has comprised the a really spectacular fall from grace. Yeah absolutely well. Eve chronicled so much of it for us. Henry and i'm sure we'll him from you as this continues to unfold in the days ahead. That was acting new york correspondent. Henry reese sheridan. My thanks to him. Now let's catch up with colored rebelo she standing by with the day's other news headlines. Thanks tom four. People were killed and eleven injured when gunmen attacked the home of the afghan. Defense minister in kabul. Last night bhishma la. Ken mohammadi was elsewhere as the attackers detonated. A suicide car-bomb an attempted to enter his house close to the capital cities green zone. This suspected hijacking of panama flagged ship in the gulf of oman has ended without loss of life the vessel a bit shuman tanker was boarded and seized on tuesday as it entered the congested approach. To destroy of hor moose. It is unclear who sees the ship about. Regional analysts suspect iranian forces. Uk government is expected to announce that children aged sixteen and seventeen will soon be offered a covert vaccine. The statement comes just two weeks after the country's joint committee on vaccination and immunisation recommended against routine vaccination of children the move would bring the uk in line with many other european countries and today's monocle. Minute carries a story on the frankfurt. Airport operator fraport delivering a return to profitability in the second quarter..

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