President Trump, President George W Bush, Jon Meacham discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Gonna talk to a purple heart recipient who's benefited greatly from warrior foundation freedom station coming up in just a little bit. And it's gonna make you want to give money or even more money sustained right now, the news with Marshall Phillips L, President Trump's going to be holding a private meeting with the Bush family today leading up to George H W. Bush's funeral that'll be at the Washington National cathedral tomorrow, Trump is going to be meeting with the bushes at Blair House. The presidential guest house right across from the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. Didn't speak. It LBJ's funeral for instance, memorial service. Okay, there just other examples. Right. The last several funerals and the current president is spoken. But it's not always been that way. So it's not crazy that Trump's not speaking. Right. Yeah. Tomorrow at the state funeral as you just mentioned, Trump will not be speaking Bush will be eulogized by his son. Former President George W Bush, the former Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, former Senator Alan Simpson apparently became a close friend to Bush Simpson and presidential historian Jon Meacham, who was Bush's biographer Ryan, Jon Meacham, couldn't speak more highly OBE Hw. Yup. Good. Good lineup. Yep. Meanwhile, President Trump went off in another round of Twitter attacks yesterday Twitter attacks and praise he first off you blasted his former attorney Michael Cohen who cut a deal with prosecutors in the Muller investigation. Trump tweeting quote, Michael Cohen asked judge for no prison time. You mean, he can do all of the terrible unrelated to Trump things having to do with fraud, big loans, taxis, etc. And not serve a long prison term. He makes up stories to get a great and already.

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