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You never know it could be yours up and hold on tight we got it for you. Hear it you strawberry letter thanking few subject. Oh no she did stephen shirley. I'm in my late thirties. And i found out that my husband of ten years has a girlfriend on the side. I've been tracking his car for months and he picks her up from work. Takes her to dinner and then come home. I even know where she lives. And i've sat outside her house and blew the horn and waved at her. She knows who i am. So it's odd that she's never mentioned anything to my husband. A few weeks ago. I noticed a change in my husband's pattern. He stopped picking her up from work. So i thought they had broken up. I sat outside her house and saw a different man leaving out and she was in a robe at the door. She noticed my car and through a finger sign at may. Oh no she didn't. I was beyond mad but couldn't do a thing because she might have a gun as you can probably tell. I don't care about my husband cheating. Because i barely have sex with him anymore but in the few times i do i don't want him giving me any kind of cooties that she may have given him i don't like that she's giving it up two other men besides my husband because that's just nasty. I did not go back to her house. Because i don't want any problems but i did notice that my husband still sees her..

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