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Seventy NewsRadio. It's a seminar on the Senate continues to hear the speeches before this voted seven thirty on confirming Brad Kevin to the supreme court. This is the procedural vote to actually get to vote. They have to take a boat to get a vote. It's all the Senate stuff that they have to go through to get to where the want to be California Senator Dianne Feinstein blasting the judge for some angry testimony that we heard and saw last week this behavior revealed a hostility and belligerence that is unbecoming. Coming of someone seeking to be elevated to the United States Supreme court. His display was so shocking that more than two thousand four hundred law professors from around the country have expressed their opposition earlier, the GOP head of the judiciary committee hit out at the Democrats had a campaign of destruction of this fine individual what we have learned is the resistance that has existed since the day after the November sixteen twenty sixteen election is centered right here on Capitol Hill. Check rashly who's people been tweeting up a storm this morning more than thirty tweets. More now, Ian, maybe thirty minutes again, this vote scattered about twenty minutes from now, and again, the procedural vote on closing the debate to get to the actual vote which will probably come tomorrow in the last thing I saw suggested that vote might not come until the actual vote. If. Get through this cloture vote tomorrow on a come until late in the day. We're on it for you. Whenever it happens here at can acts, traffic wise, we're on that for you as well diamond bar area, east sixty before Ramona ain't got a crash over on the left side and still have this problem in Inglewood Los against Cincinnati got a blinking signal there. And that's backing things up on Louisiana to the four zero five taymor at seven fifteen at seven eleven..

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