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Went through in our studios games in progress. Florida Still 14 nothing. Leader F A. U Texas A and M only change three on and stayed There are college station there in the second quarter, Washington 73 over Montana, Sean Barrett and Fitzy else you and you are underway from the Rose Bowl as coach. Oh is walking into the Rose Bowl. Fans started chirping coach. Oh, and that grabbed me. Voice says. Why don't you bring your on down to the field? We'll see how it goes. Coaches ready, boys. That's a spicy else, you bunch after what they went through last season. They got a little chip on their shoulder. This is the first time the Tigers have ever played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Wow. Yes, that's cool. We will have L. Su. On October the second, I think against Auburn on ESPN radio should be a good one. Yes, indeed. Tell us, you need a little chip on their shoulder. They were lacking a chip. Last year after they won the ship the year before. So, uh, I'm excited about hearing what happens in that one as U C L A sure didn't look good in week zero. That's the three time all American Barrett Jones to my left On the other microphone. He and Fitz Simmons, Natalie Flat is on the sidelines here at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. John Madden is our producer Tonight. Carl Nunes is our spotter and Bobby Pell is wrestling through some well black luster staff so far, especially for Clemson, whose total offense only here in the first half sitting right at about 31 yards, DJ younger lay back to throw on 1st and 10 and the Air Mills, one of the right sideline and deep into the clumps. And bench as this drive is starting on the Tiger 15 yard line. They've been unable to run the ball there minus yards on ground, and that's offset the modest 36 yards they have through the air. And that doesn't surprise me. Honestly, we talked about how good this front seven is for Georgia. But I'm really impressed so far with us Georgia secondary and they lost four guys, the NFL but so far there covering these clubs and athletes pretty well on the court on the draw, hand off the piece gets to 16 game of yard. There's just nothing there up front. Jalen Carter is the initial tackler for the Bulldogs. There are just some bona fide space seekers and throwbacks. You don't see much Jordan Davis 66 £340 Devonte Wyatt 633 15. They got some beef up front. If you're wondering where the beef is, it's here in Charlotte, the Duke's Mayo Classic indeed, 39 now for Clemson, on the right, half, We're moving right to left two receivers to each side really younger, little a shotgun again steps to the left foot. Takes the snap, looking to wind up and throw Does any missed his man? He's been off the mark a lot. He wanted Ross at the 30. Anyone even close on this throw On again. Kirby. Smart is not scared right now. Dan Landing the defensive coordinator, playing man to man coverage everywhere, including.

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