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Goalie scored against sweden the twenty. Eight thousand walkup. Just listen as he had no rights to and he just he just finished them. I think i was watching angle de maria the day after he businessman tony cruises just different different grade. The latin yet mishal wounds. Just yeah just. Yeah just can't touch on that. I don't wanna do predictions and where toss going. Oh chelsea i. I just think that how they've been so good at home and they game plans have been so while executed. I can just see them. I can see them long hard and scoring a breakaway go five minutes to go torres moment versus barcelona and just going through identify. I'd watch rather see why. I'd like to see chelsea recipes. Jian fontham but i don't wanna i don't wanna see chelsea this month city so if monster ego yeah well just yeah just born really mind see when everything and also i mean you'd rather chelsea for psc for the for the narrative of to back offers. This yeah i just. I think a few a few things i'd like to see. I choked the see. Chris and rudy gamal bop-in name. Oh i just yeah. I it depends day before because all seamounts in Psg plan therefore you're through lv spore madrid but if psg go through then the blue flag will be flying on. I'm i'm with your thing remorse. we'll be playing. A hinky will be decisive. While i'm not convinced about and perhaps with chelsea's that whether they can stay the course and i don't mean an almost emotively at gown to ps cheaper being able to to not break can be able to keep it together when when you have people grandma's just like just cranking it and cranking and casimiro just cranking up that you know that gauge where you make mistakes and pause and bookings are thinking ended up going Every retreats way off. I think that perhaps I think chelsea to get to this point is amazing. Still think they're in it. I'm not saying fully convince. But i think it's just that real madrid minus. Isn't this what they see. This is what would we do. We win champions gal opposition. Yes well that's what romans are. What's down does it. It's against what it will it will. We'll be watching. It will all right. Listen we hope that we can do that. Little bit of What was in parity essentially because Wednesday night so psg entertain among city. We're gonna be back in part to to discuss the seashore ni this party. Yovany says foolproof sexual is teddy We've already gone south credited sight out a nearly drool a one one draw listeners..

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