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I might have missed that. Somebody brought this stuff and it made me think of something else. I was thinking today so the thing that I don't know what was brought up is okay. You said that you said that they'd have to have credentials that they got the that got the. What do you call that then? I'm sorry yeah. You got the injection vaccination. You have to have route so okay. Well it'd be Kinda shaded tattoo them but you could put a chip in Mark there and if you can't go into a story without a math BA can't by the trade Kanye can't any because Iconex doors right now are shutting their doors and and laying people off dry honey. Victoria's secret is going under Victoria. Secrets going under me. Believe that that is icon. Ick that is our America. Thing is an American thing. They always sell their lingerie as masks. A lot of progress men who would probably want to wear panties on their face. Something or or half abroa- that's it. Broad face in the sixteenth or seventeenth century. Don't things like that's like all? All Victoria's secret has to do now is just cut their bras and half. You have a mask. I see people wearing them. They're fashionable little glitter on them. You know it's kind of like you know wearing a stripper face or having a stripper cup on their face or something and I can see that I can say on God. Well if they're listening. Hey Victoria secret. Don't don't waste those panties and don't waste those bras. Cut them in happened. Make the masks. Everybody wants to wear one in fact. I it's weird. I was at a Petco the other day. I saw woman leaving PETCO. She was wearing a pink mask and it had like this frilly stuff on. It looked like she was some like I dream of Jeannie type of thing. I'm thinking wow. That's pretty stylish mask so yeah master now. A fashion statement to which is kind of bizarre. Well why not while they're stealing is wrong. Yeah I guess it's a good way to make money and then we'll have a little bit of a a.

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