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Kfi Am text line at three one nine nine six all right governor police Taking a very cautious look forward to a pandemic free Colorado during a televised town hall. He was actually joined by the state. Epidemiologists end the State Economic Director. In case you missed it. Here's the highlights. Vip's by John Angler in the Denver Post once again hopeful if exceedingly cautious look forward last night at a world in which covered one thousand nine is no longer a raging force that is occupying the minds and psyches of not only almost everyone in the state but indeed around the globe during this televised town hall with Channel Nine the Governor spoke of a return albeit a slow one. A slow return to normalcy. And well what might be? The new normal remains to be seen how things are going to change post a Cova de Nineteen. I can't help but think that normal might take on a whole new meaning but that's a conversation for another time. Police held up. Colorado's hard. Hit High country is an example of a part of the state that may experiences More challenges in the face of its high per capita corona virus caseload but still one that will come back or mountain communities he said like the rest of Colorado. They're strong and they're independent. We're going to bounce back. This is temporary are natural. Assets are incredible state world-class tourism opportunities. There will be a day when we're once again able to embrace tourists from around the world but he cautioned that a resurgence to business as usual in. Colorado won't happen all at once but likely in phases and that state officials will need to remain wary of large gatherings for a while yet. I can't help but think that many of us will do just the same. Somebody said. Let's talk about when we totally get back to normal. That means stadiums full of people congregations of thousands of people going to church. A lot of that will need Cure or vaccine. It seems to me that a vaccine or at least the promise of one in the immediate future is the best path to a return to normalcy. Doesn't mean he continued that bars and restaurants are opening in the same way right away. It might mean a week or two later but many of Restaurants owners can't be soon enough as we shared a piece yesterday talking about the fact that according to a survey of Colorado restaurant owners fourteen percent of them said they may well not reopen. Just another reason to a shop. Local support Those businesses that remain open particularly local restaurants offering delivery and carry out some reopened eateries. Might again have to start out at capacity. This according to Governor Jared Police During that town hall last night he was joined there by Dr Rachel. Herlihy this is the state epidemiologist and Betsy Markey. And it's a familiar name right. That's the Marquis heads up Colorado's office of Economic Development and international trade also a former US congresswoman from Colorado. Markey said that it's important that we continue to practice social distancing where you're mass and stays home as much as possible to prevent the spread to flatten that proverbial curve when it comes to the spread of cove nineteen at the end of the day. The quicker we can deal with this health crisis. She said get the pandemic under control the quicker. We can get our economy back on track. The worst thing the very worst thing we can do to open too quickly and then see another re-occurrence Kovic nineteen among folks. And then we're that much further back now as we talked about Monday. Governor police extended the statewide stay at home. Order have been set to expire Saturday..

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