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The very latest on Wisconsin's radio station newsradio WTMJ Milwaukee I think the clock it is forty degrees partly cloudy tonight could get some areas of patchy fog low priced low temperatures dropping down to thirty five from the W. T. M. J. breaking news center I'm Tony paddock more Wisconsin businesses are getting the green light to reopen to customers governor YVR says order focusing solely on small retail shops as opposed to those providing services the reason we're doing this fall is for watching and so we will watch and see how it goes we feel confident this is a good place to continue to move forward and firing at him restrictions include only allowing five people in stores at a time while also expecting social distance guidelines to remain in place that order going into effect immediately Milwaukee Bucks training facility across from Fiserv forum will soon open its doors to players another step towards resuming the NBA season general manager of the box John horse says under guidance from the NBA players will have modified access for voluntary treatment training as well as rehab with no basketball to play in the foreseeable future boxcar Pat Connaughton is finding something else to do with his time like helping out those in need content hosting a radiothon next week at our sister station ninety four five ESPN Milwaukee has to raise money for feeding America second harvest food bank as well as the with us foundation you know something I I try to do the general involved the community will and then you know I was trying to get a cool way to do it where we could get some excitement around the city for Milwaukee athletes for France we'll hear from them and things of that nature and maybe some other athletes radiothon will be held next Thursday may twenty first from seven o'clock in the morning until six at night and charges are now filed against a man accused of shooting and killing his ex girlfriend outside her workplace last week on Milwaukee's north side prosecutors say Willie Jones killed Kathy king after she was dropped off for work on Tuesday Jones was then shot by police and taken into custody he's facing life in prison if convicted sports traffic and weather are next level the TMJ news time able to corona viruses spreading here in the United States and I know all of us are concerned and all of us are doctor Phil concern is understandable but there's something.

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