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Down in the Philadelphia suburbs and how much rain we could get. Okay. Steve wrapped up his report there. So we're going Tio head over to Sam. Traffic and weather on the twos. Hey, Sam, what you got Brought to you by Barbera's on the boulevard. We have big problems in the Bluebell area. Center Square. Tuo to underwater between Skip Back Pike and Morris Road. Skip back Pike Underwater at North Wales Road. Then we go out to 20 to a county line underwater as we enter these intersections, Please turn around. Do not try to go through. We have an upper Salford A closure of somebody. Tom Piket Ridge down tree. The rain is coming down on King. A prostrate on to the Scougall Express was slowing everything down and so problems into university City south on University Avenue is flooded out and block between Civic Center Boulevard in 34th Street. A lot of stalled out vehicles. Big problems in Norristown out to Calve Street is blocked into Bridgeport because of flooding conditions. Also, Markley Street is flooded out and not passable at this hour. So that's just a few of the things in the suburbs this morning. 30 bypass an accident eastbound Direction east of 3 20 to spin out. It looks like everything is pretty well blocked off and problems leaving center City, Philadelphia. It's the West bound by an expressway jam broad to the approach of the Scougall Expressway. Couple tractor trailers in an accident blocking the left lanes and from New Jersey of a 42 freeway mostly okay. Just slow. Is your trouble across the bridges with the weatherman asked Transit. What's running on or close to schedule for three decades, Gary Barberis on the Boulevard has been Peterson proud. Thie Barbera family wishes Coach Peterson, the Peterson family and entire birds organization. Good health, continued strength and well wishes for a speedy return to the field is Barbera and coach Peterson. The best boy, I guess. The cable W 24 hour traffic center. I'm Sam Clover. Thank you, Sam Gonna listen in now to meteorologist he saws, saws now on NBC, 10 with his breaking weather conditions, Tornado warning state of Delaware and also in Cumberland.

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