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The group that's where we are at when it comes to cobb football and the prices right thursday i mean for example he still got the university tennessee situation i'll talk about that in a couple of seconds but it seems that espn is going to lose one of its own meeting hurme edwards according to reports led by the associated press pending approval by the university president firm at was is in line to be the next head coach at arizona state arizona state university a one of all of the former contemporaries eric allen is a graduate of arizona state user universities the work you are now works for the pac 12 network i can't wait the call him tomorrow and find out exactly what he thinks of that because i know he thinks that the world of her arm edwards and plenty of us do here at espn so those reports through the seems like there's no reason to believe that they're not going to be true firm everett's is on his way to be the new head coach of arizona state university good for him and he that's a hard act to follow here with our met with i can't tell you how many times we had so many terrific compensations that had absolutely nothing to do with football egypt the bruins guy he rulli as he give it to you straight with no chaser and that's going to be very appealing because her met with may be sixty three years of age but he has the spirit of a younger man that's going to play big time with a lot of recruits in california in california in arizona in texas anywhere because a lot of you know what he's been about and what he stands for i think that's a really really good move arizona state at exact week espn and the nfl coverage but i digress at least when it comes to.

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