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A battlefield to another was extremely difficult plagues and horns would often be used to send commands because there is no other way to send communications over that distance in that amount of time even with the advent of radio in world war. Two battlefields were spread out over much larger distances and communication could still be difficult with that being said. Let me summarize the timeline of what happened at the end of world war two in europe in the spring of nineteen forty five is the allies. Were closing in hitler. And his cronies were in his bunker in berlin and the russians began inching closer many of his top generals who saw the writing on the wall began surrendering individually and hitler accused him of being traders. As wall started caving. In on april twenty fifth mussalini was killed by a mob in italy. April twenty ninth. All of the german forces in italy surrendered. Hitler killed himself. On april thirtieth after that things began to fall apart very quickly. Technically the leadership of the third reich fell to admiral. karl donuts. not that there was really anything to rule over on may second. The german forces in berlin Soviets on may fourth german troops. In the netherlands denmark northern germany surrendered to feel marshall montgomery on may fifth germans in bavaria. Surrender to american. general jacob. Devers on may. Sixth hermann goering surrenders to general carl spots head of the american air forces in europe on may seventh at shape. The supreme headquarters allied expeditionary force in reims france chief of staff of the german armed forces high command general. Alfred yodel signed the document of unconditional. Surrender of all german forces the same day general franz bom announced the surrender of all german forces in norway with the phrase quote all forces under german control to cease active operations at twenty three o one our central european time on may eighth nineteen forty-five unquote on may eighth field marshall helm titles surrendered in person to soviet field marshall zubkov in berlin pretty much all german forces ceased activity. The warren earp was over and v. e. day was celebrated around the world and random people started kissing each other in times square except not everyone in the german army was able to surrender. Not the men who were part of operation. How it again now. You're probably wondering what was operation..

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