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Is in fact your boy Dave and this is Ellen Weatherford A. She's been here the whole time is I've been here the whole time. You didn't notice me me. I knew that mic wasn't working honestly. I'm so glad you guys finally decided to turn up my volume. I was upset about all the people who didn't vote for her. Seem Kinda rude. Yeah I did cut her out of a couple of episodes. Well that's your fault. Then I knew there is a reason I mean it's just like you know Anita the votes she had great picks story. It's okay my i. I wasn't funny anyway. It's all right. Oh you various that one one time when you're like ooh play. Hey this is going to be twenty twenty and it's not okay for you to silence the only woman on our podcast. I don't you know what I'm just down the second second woman on this podcast. That other one was a ghost his now the future is now speaking of the future. Last week thank thank you corrections department corrections department. Got US game Yes I know. We've kind of breezed through the episode in full. But but I forgot to do the recap at the end. So welcome Allen you can join in on this. It was the the The theme was the perfect year. We did the best of twenty nineteen eighteen in general. And personally Dave you went first you picked a ventures endgame John Wick Chapter Three Colon Para Bellum full title these snapchat gender swapped filter perfect perfect piece of two thousand nineteen the dueling fire fire festival documentaries and all the hate aimed at game of thrones. I went soft and and second went and I took Disney plus a kingdom hearts three finally and actually being released meeting you you dave my forty fifth birthday surprise party by my co workers when I was eight hundred miles away from home and last but not least this damn show right here. The perfect package podcast was number five. Yeah Chad super soft five picks. Yeah thanks man Lee here I gotta be soft. That's whatever I said. Chad has had a very wholesome twenty nineteen I did. Of course that's doing gender swaps and a hate. A game of thrones. That's okay book that gender swap filter did you. Did you use the gender swap filter. No use the age filter. Yeah I pretty sure it did. I'm sure I could flip through and find it. I found out that I would make very pretty lady. But it wouldn't get rid of my mustache no matter what I did so it was just it was just a Harry Lady. You were the bearded lady. I mean he got rid of the beer women with beautiful facial hair so upset totally counts. There's nothing wrong with it so joining joining us this evening. Well she's been here for a while. We've just had some Mike Issues but anyway it is Ellen. I'm from the PODCAST. Just Zoo of us do me do a animal pie with your husband. Yeah that's my husband Christian. He Co hosts it with me and every week we rate and review species of animals. Each of us to each of US takes one so we're not blowing through. Five topics bakes each per week. Like y'all are y'all going hard but like we we we rate interview species of animals and it's a lot of fun. See no I have questions Russians. I have very serious questions What is what is the rating process? So what kind of scale are we looking at. You Know Ken. Although zero is an option. It's possible I think we may have gotten a zero. But I don't remember for sure but it's it's numerical so it's out of ten and we do a lot of research on each animal and it's legit research. We're pulling information from from zoos. News in scientific journals in museums and aquariums and all that cool stuff and figuring out what we can about the animal and then we divided up into three different categories so we we have effectiveness for their physical attributes. We have ingenuity for their mental attributes and then aesthetics for how pretty we think they are so the score gets broken down into those three categories. That was going to be my next question. What what qualifies as a one point animal? I believe we gave the bought fly Larva Larva. One point we may have given that I just checked it. I was just getting ready to say all right. Don't be named picks now if somebody now definitely not on my list hundred percent no slowly crosses. I would like to think about the lie as little as I possibly can. Well that one's list okay. Okay I I do have Alba couple of picks on my list that I had that we have done segments on Only I'm looking at my list to only two of them. We've actually talked about on our show so the rest are just some that I that made me happy. I respect that as mine is entirely so I took the idea of personal personal zoo very very seriously. This this is just for me just just for me. There's no visitors. No this is basically just animals is in my house. I just have a house. That's large enough and well equipped enough to handle these particular animals. I consider that as an option you know. I thought out of this idea of having animals as a private collection but I thought about it some more and I think that I have such a high drive for external validation nations that there is no way I would keep it to myself. I would definitely be wanting to like stunt on everybody I ever meet. I would definitely be inviting people to come see Mizzou so so I think I might start it with the intention of it being a private collection but then probably within like six hours I would have invited thirty people to come see so okay. I knew yeah wouldn't pan out for me. See I I feel that. I'm kind of in that same boat in most cases if if I had something pretty baller like a personal do I would want people to see it and I'd be like hey come over. Look at my zoo. Come hang out. We'll have lunch outside zoo. But after I looked at my picks I realized I know the world can't be invited. They can't be judged and found wanting and I can't have that I just want to enjoy my animals. Maybe you could have like an application in screening process where people can request access to your zoo and then you can judge them accordingly accordingly and decide who gets to see your zoo and who doesn't feel like I could put my animals like my list on dating profile and anybody who is still interested afterwards afterwards would probably be wife material. I would actually love to see this concept used just as a dating profile like prompt like something that they put on there probably like right before your astrological sign they would have your top five. Private Zoo picks that would be a very interesting way to sorta like out the nonsense. Yeah no I mean I feel like for me it would show me like who likes the same animals as me and that would be very telling. Also there's some animals read what you like x nine. It's not gonNA work. I have one animal on on my list that I think you might feel that way about boy. Maybe not you might. I don't know maybe maybe you're cool enough. Maybe you can hang Ho okay. Turn out that way. She just she just came in your living room or house. PODCAST odd cast dunked on him. We're on the same team right so we are doing our own own personal zoos. So I'm assuming that we are doing species because there's a couple of days that I want more than one of love. I feel like if you WANNA get specific. You can get specific if you WANNA leave it a little bit more general. You can because I don't want to be a monster specific. Yeah one of these say like oh I want to have like an aviary. With this burden right it would be like L.. I want justice. One Bird sitting there by itself on a log just chirps at people. When you walked by a decorative bird we we allowed to have Cardi B. Inner Kirti anyway? I'm always really sad that I can't make the Cardi B.. Sound I WANNA make it so bad but I can't do it. Hold on wait before before we started. This is now a thing so I do know that there are people who can't roll ars. Can you not really ours at all. I can't not at all that is really yeah is that I live in Florida. Where like a lot of people people speak Spanish here and it would be extremely useful if I could speak Spanish properly? But I can't because they can't roll my rs feel like there should be either surgery or charity and I know that those are wildly different things but I feel like that's how you deal with disabilities surgery and charity. One of those two things needs to be available for people who can't roll their ours and prepare for my newest keep an eye out for my go fund me. That's going to go alive soon to get the surgery that I need to be able to roll my rs. I don't know if it's been invented yet but that could be my second life right so it's time to turn it around go back to school. Become a surgeon research. What does it take to get? The tongue. Prepared the tongue and lips prepared for rolling ours. I WanNa say it has something to do with with where your tongue is connected to your bottom jaw like the freedom that connects your tongue to the bottom of your jaw. I WanNa say it has something to do with the positioning of that VAT for them. But I don't know for sure that the mechanics of how that works but I I wanna say it has something to do with that. I don't want surgery on that. That sounds horrible ripple give all the things like horror movies like TLC shows anything that has to do with like mouth trauma. I can't I can't deal with absolutely not no thank you stay away from my face All right we've gotten wildly off track. These two who are making me feel dumb as hell listen. I'm not steering the ship okay. I'm just going to walk. I'll wonder her okay. So we are picking the Personal Zoo if you've never listened before we we each get five picks to create our perfect picked personal zoo and We are going to do it. Draft style kind of fantasy football style. Since we have three this week. We are going to Do a serpentine draft plus animals to. So we'll talk snake draft basically that That means if you go last asked in the first round you go first in the second round so you get to back to back. Two picks in that way it allow makes sense later. Allen said you our guest and to make up for having having your microphone off for the last few months. I'm GonNa let you decide what order we are going to go in tonight. Okay Going I if you want okay. You go first tweet and then followed by which one of Y'alls next Well see comes in the alphabet. So that's my thought. Okay see Mindy all right at that hot corner. I'll take it and I'm the monkey in the middle. No not name any pigs here. All right so spoilers. No spoilers all right Elliot it is. You're you're you're on the clock. Let's hear your first pick of your perfect personal zoo. I'm starting strong coming in hot with the giant panda as my number Olympic. I can respect that. So does the giant panda is the quintessential what you think of as charismatic mega fauna. So this is a term that you hear a lot in. Zoology of what this means is that is a large species of animal. That's very culturally popular right like everybody knows what a panda is. Everybody knows about pandas. You see a picture of one you immediately know what it is and these are the animals that you're gonna see on like the splash page of the zoo's website or something right there on all the sign edge. They're very popular. Everybody loves pandas so they're kind of used to draw attention towards conservation evasion efforts and environmental activism..

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