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And I love that the light, they've had the spotlight, the greater and it makes this like really romantic affect. It's beautiful, seem pretty, and then we get an old timey telephone window and you get you get. I'll get that when it's good that you know and they're, they're saying conditions. We want to get jobs back into celebrate our love, which I think is very funny thing on man, someone I know and I love superintendent, Chalmers going. Nobody wants to celebrate your love more than me. Stern public servant and the show mors Chalmers says a little bit of grime grinding in there. Two of him noticing like, who do you want me to ask in this insane tales of movie manner? The guy with the bone in his hair only normal. Anyone else's. Oh, yeah, I, yeah, I love how like snooky and exhausted Chalmers's regarding the town and in those to another thing of like characters that don't normally address, you know the world that we are. So it timidly aware of or characters at don't normally interact like Chalmers referring to be man and Joe mail is here why she's still in the suits what's happening. One of the funniest lines to to me in this code is coming up right now where where when bars to help them again by by causing more scene, and he comes out with the armor hotdogs on the down. We we get the moment. Oh, Helen, Lovejoy. So spelling out, you know, talking about. They're, they're basically. This is love. This is sex in where you know SE x. in front of the c. h. i. l. sex cauldron down. One of my favorite shows trustees very interested in what's happening. This local school where all the six cultures. Miss the thinking that culture n- is spelled like children is so good. It also goes into joke that they, you know, kind of like sprinkle within Christie's character him being literate. He He can't can't read. read true God. It's so good. And then we, you know, we get a Bill Clinton moment of like, I've never had a relationship with this woman up. He's, they said this absurd, eight months before that happened. Why they always do this. Got ahead of it there it was..

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