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The season. You do make a good point. That klay pool is obviously on an undefeated team but the rest of these high profile high performing receivers all on teams with less than five hundred record jalen. Sometimes there's video that needs to be broken down in detail. So you and i need to go to the table. Jalen take a look at this video. I love it so much. Look at this young basketball player. Learning the game right. He just wants to get a dunk off. Nope all you got to reject it block shots so he changes his strong also nice cars. He really does out that the terrible thing waste and sometimes they say youth is wasted on the young. Not in that case. You wanna you wanna to block everything i try to dunk. If he doesn't make me talk. I'm going to hit you in a place to show you that. You ain't so tough. That's one of my favorite videos of all time. We gotta get that young fellow j. and j. honey. I love assistance. I love this kid so much. You're going to block up to thirty call. Creo the motorcycle atv live. Ah better life than me and also out to that father own-goal or mentor or whoever that was because that's the way you do it. That is the way you do it. Jalen our trade rumors about one of the unappreciated but extremely impactful players in the nba will tell you who that is and where they might end up right after this. You're watching jalen and jacoby. Jacoby is presented by gregor's drink responsibly. Part of happy hour. We.

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