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The they get a phone call in chicago right rare told that he's disappeared they believe his dad right they find even a river but the important thing here is how this transform chicago dakhli they bring the body home and his mother insists upon it open cough these aca what that the state of mississippi was insisting that the body buried immediately and not looked at so maybe till said no we have to see it and she allowed photographers from uh jet magazine on to take photographs in their published nationally of what the body look like there's a photograph in your book it's horrible but they've done as they beat the child he didn't look human as what shall some maimi herself comparison to the creatures from outer spicer's now this it happened before there'd been lynchings they told us they told amit about this and there have been lynchings than it had been national crises before but never anything like this because there are a couple of magazines jet and ebony are they both chicago they argue has got the upper who they use the photographs and they publish them and all of a sudden what had been a regard as if chicago problem becomes a national political crisis you know certainly race throughout america is going on lynchings are going on throughout america during this whole period emmett is certainly not the the most um famous had by the 1950s lynchings had you know i think the violence had become a much more uh broadbased kind of thing that we see with the housing issues lynching in itself had really the efforts of walter white in the end wcp really brought lynching two they shamed lynching to a point where it was not tenable and so it till's lynching stood out because he after brown v quarterback right i mean it was as always regis there was a sense that we've already crossed this in here it's still happening and happening in the most vicious horrible way to a child you know and so on and it wasn't just jet in and and ebony was the crisis it was the defender it was in life magazine it became abroad thing what it did for the african american community in the united states was because maimi till was a uh a secretary for the.

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