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Bulls have found their round Billy Donovan, their new coach, after a successful five year run with Oklahoma City, David W. G in sports and time for the forecast Now from the W G in Chicago when they're saying good morning we start up this morning with temperatures in the fifties and sixties and we'll see that again tomorrow morning. Clear and calm early on, we will get when winds westerly 5 to 10 MPH with plenty of sunshine once again today. Fights are well above the normal were typically in the low seventy's this time of year. And I think we're close to 80 today. Upper seventies lower eighties for high temps through the afternoon again, Plenty of sunshine Tonight we'll see temps fall back into the fifties and sixties and tomorrow back to the upper seventies with a few more clouds. From the WG and Weather Center. I'm working co choir 61 over here. 62 at Midway is 63 at the lakefront and Romeoville 56 your money now and W g And Here's Orient Samuelson. The S and P. 500. The Dow opened higher today, with Nike hitting a record high following a strong quarterly earnings report. But now we find only one of the indices trading higher. The Dow in its up 17 points of 27,003 of six. But the S and P 500 up nine points at their down nine points and 33 05 and the NASDAQ is down. 53 points at 10,009 10. And checking the oil market this morning. Oil.

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