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Those games happen in the hangover is a place for celebration. And it's a support group. Thank goodness that the script that was written the pink script as tony mentioned was not the one that they decided to film yesterday and i had a chance to say something to my daughter and because i was really excited and not only was. I really excited. And we're going to talk about this because one. This was the most fulfilling the greatest opening day in my history of forty plus years of watching the pittsburgh steelers for a few reasons. I will explain that later. But like i said was not supposed to happen. Cohen colin coward said. It wasn't supposed to happen. And he's he bad. just ask him. he's a sports god So you know. Every nobody picked this with the exception of jeff hartmann now in fairness and i'm not claiming this we've have our bts's slack channel and There's a couple of guys I'm not going to say where they're from From another continent they might be from a men at work song that hit number one on january. Fifteenth of nineteen eighty-three. If you don't know what that is. There's not a place in australia called. Who can be now the so The guys from down under are claiming they picked the game in. They're actually they're actually sending trying to send proof from guys. It's over the all right but now a couple of weeks ago on this very show. I actually didn't like my pick for this game. When i picked the steelers for the game and i thought about it and i've seen the movie before and i decided that i'm gonna go with buffalo with the caveat that the steelers will turn around and win this game in the postseason win the rematch. But and i said that. But as i went on throughout the week i had already put it down on paper. I put it down on audio. Made it official that. I said bills. Thirty steelers twenty four. And then i started. I did a show with a. I did a show with kevin smith. The great cliff harris is stole punk. Katie smith the phenomenal coach from the state of new jersey. And we do the pre game show and he said to me. He went through this longest rotation about picking against the steelers and how we shouldn't do it even though he still picked against the steelers to because his gut was saying the same thing. But i was feeling better about it as we went along..

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