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Kind of normal normal sucks and then something happen twenty three months ago what was that we got married oh larry go just lie like that that a little do it now it's time to clean up the mess exactly more goofing off now there were married okay nunn it who brought the most dead into the marriage 5050 actually really down the middle so where did this discussion come up in the dating slashing gauge mca process when did you sit down and go go uh we're gonna have to work on this well well you can go so about two months before we got married i had listened to the program on focus on the family in there was a lady and i don't remember her name like back as she kind of started this for us that she was teaching on similar principles to like you teach on so when i was listening to that at work i decided to cut off all my credit cards based on what she was talking about and saw after work i was hanging out with them i can i told him what i did and he's like are you kidding me you know what that's kind of duty your debt scorn everything all right i mean your credit score you had right the first hour score we're doing it and then a couple of weeks later yeah i came across you know we were going through a wedding budget and andrei was crying because we knew that we can at the wedding that we really wanted because we're finances were app and then then looking at all the debt that we had bring that discussion up then just couple weeks later came across a financial peace university cat at my credit union and then we decided he let's let's tackle this so on a ride home from our honeymoon we went to santa really small one because we wanted to tackle the debt and wants to cross wisconsin border back in i put in the first city while and that's how she looked okay so you you took the class at home then yeah we listen to the.

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