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Well, I would have hoped while they won the division the last two years, but they underachieved in the postseason, quite frankly because they played better teams in two years ago. The Indians beat them last year, the ASTRO's beat them, but he seemed to have lost control of the clubhouse after with this whole story of David price kind of calling out Dennis Eckersley on a team flight because Eckersley criticized another Red Sox player in price decided he was going to stand up and John Farrell didn't handle that. Well, I think if that had happened this year, Alex Cora would handle it much better foot Farrell, kind of gave a sense of being very aloof. Whereas Alexkor seems like someone who's not afraid to maybe even get an employer space Berkeley's or be there be one of the guys. But still everyone understands he's in control. And he's going to call you out Farrell Farrel kind of didn't want. Well, it almost felt like a Senator. He actually looks like a US Senator right now. Yeah. Okay. He's a little bit to curl for me. Exactly. Yeah. He's a handsome, man. John farrell. Okay. He's symmetrical definitely symmetric. He's tall. He's like six four. He's got a presence about him. But scores more Hillary's type, no. Parents. I liked the Terry Francona. Oh my God. Yes. The all the all the ladies like the bad. Boy, Terry Francona. Yes. I like territory Bobby Valentine, not so much. Well, I I mean, it's hard to get over the mess. Here. He actually actually Bobby Valentine close friend in support of Donald Trump was interested in becoming embassador Japan. God. Yes. That would have been an interesting, but actually Bobby Valentine is loved in Japan. He was a very successful manager. Johnny Ashwell Leakey's loves baseball. Speak speaks fluent Japanese when it comes to. I mean, his looks weren't all that bad. No, no sixties late sixties. He's a great athlete at USC his young days. He was considered kind of like a sexy baseball player. I mean, I think yeah. It's it's tough sometimes to separate the manager from from how the team does terms of their looks. It's just a weird, you know when you're winning World Series. You look very very good. You look very handsome when you spend one year here, they cluster, you know, why? So good. I know the feeling Hillary. I don't think anyone expected. I mean, the the Red Sox were juggernaut whatever with the lineup, whatever. But I don't think anyone expected Alex Cora one hundred and eight games in his first season Gracie run away with the division and now in the playoffs seven and two. So I don't think anybody expected it to be this, easy or or two an earlier just everything he touches turns to gold. It's amazing is correct. I had to choose in. This is very this is going to sound weird. But if I had to choose based on looks alone, not any managers now. Go with the last four, okay. This is. This is just between feral and Cora. Okay. If I had to choose between them, I would actually go and Cora. Okay. Has Farrell seems like to a news anchor doesn't he? Well, a TV news. I got the sense first of all that he doesn't want to spend any time with me apart from well. Right. This is going to be with the boys like heavy with other girls. Oh, yes. I'm not saying he doesn't like the ladies. I think that the idea would be there would be nothing there as apart from sex. Right. So it's like if that's all I wanted. I guess, but that's not the person. I feel like we could have time with exactly I can start dating reporter. She had job. Yep. Jess moran. Ran. She was at Comcast sports net. She was covering the Red Sox narrowly bring her it was an Aaron Andrews follow up. I guess wait. Was she wasn't Erin Andrews. It was just I know it wasn't the same horse Hazel may he's rumored to be. I shouldn't even say this. I won't. But so no there wasn't. Reporter who came out and actually dating a Red Sox person was Heidi always Cutty outy Watney with Jason Varitek. Thank you. Yes. And there were rumors of Terry Francona Hazel may Erin Andrews forgive me. That was actually she was very solid. Reporter did a great job. And she actually she sued a hotel because they didn't provide proper security, and she was you know. Wasn't sexually assaulted but breached radio tape from people like Gary. Yeah. Herald, I believe she dates a hockey player. She married him. I believe now. Okay. Yeah. Forgive me with that name. But I'm Jay Z here this morning, but it was in sort of secession because after Heidi did Aaron come in or no, no, Erin Andrews never worked. Okay. Does Heidi Watney? And then it wasn't just Moran. Then they went to a guy at that point. Okay. Started having a couple of guys just to keep the the baseball players focused at that point. You just put the guy in the dugout great old from there. Yeah. Left her job and everything I think this together, I think live in Charlestown. So not like he was a fling. I guess, but yeah, no. It was definitely a story when it happened. Like, why is he did anybody and he's going to date a reporter? Yeah. That's not good. So he was just nuts. The black Mark on John fellows, like legacy here in people wanting to get rid of many, these very macho looking isn't John Farrell kinda get that. Yeah. Very macho about six foot four he's a big guy. We're scores like five ten maybe. But I could see what you think. Alex Corby, more fun to hang around even as a guy. Yeah. It'd be kind of like, you know. Good sense of humor. Yes. I get the sense. Even if you were if I was hanging out with John Farrell. He just looks at in the word the word that comes to me is reticent. Yes. Do anything fun. No senatorial, doesn't he? I know that's giving him too much cream fibers tend to be kind of boring. Don't they look? And I don't think he I think Alex Cora be good as a member of the house. I think John Farrell be. Yeah. I don't know. I can't I do agree with you. I think Alex Cora a better to hang out with have a beer with whatever hang out or whatever something like that. John. John Farrell seems like like he wants in anyway Pathak glass of wine with his meal. Yes. Something like. No he'd have a beer Dan Farrell. We may have he may have a beer, but I say he just doesn't look like you got you wanna hang out with right. Yeah. Yeah. The only there would be two things. Right. Putting me during some sort of Barbara. He's a big guy because he would absolutely protect. May from from anything scrapper or as a scrapper middle infielder. Once it comes down to actual threat. I don't care. It's your size. Why would rather go with a proven while shield? Start just hanging out with rob gronkowski at this point. Because no one's gonna I'm just going taking through the potentials. I said I said basically about this. All these different chilly. It's funny 'cause he's the whole package. He is a big guy six. Okay. Big like, a big guy. And I normally as a you know, I was when I was a kid. I had a crush on like, Michael J, FOX like the guy. Right. The boyish-looking. It was like, sir. I feel like it was an eighties thing. But I always had a crush on sorta the looking. Heartthrobs? But then like pony boy, I think I really liked from the outsiders see Thomas Sowell, huge crush on St. Thomas Howard. But Peter is the most like testosterone manly man, looking guy I've ever fallen for okay? Yeah. Yeah. He's. To some extent Chicago usually win for the more boyish looking guys against type was against surprise Ryan. But or she also is really cool to hang out with and really funny and all that stuff so total package as you said, exactly. So myself I refer to.

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