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And it must be spring because the baseball season has started. Thank goodness. Rockies opened on the road. Of course. And then the home opener is next Friday fours field. What's happening at Hollywood, Todo dot com. And I'm asking that question, of course of my partner. Christian TOTO, I've got a new movie review its Dumbo, not the cartoon that live action version starring Danny devito and Michael Keaton of other famous folks here, including Colin Farrell, and I didn't like it as much as the original cartoon, but it is beautiful to look at. And I think that's going to draw a lot of people checking it out this weekend. Let's get the final box office numbers tomorrow. But we'll talk about that next week on the show. It is animated isn't it the Dumbo character is CGI, but the CGI today looks so darn real that they can make animals that look as lifelike as anything else, of course, Dumbo cut the huge ears. So it doesn't exactly like a traditional elephant, but special effects. Just amazing. People in the yes, the actor's voices. It's real people interacting with the elephant that they can pet and touch and ride and watch it soup. And so around the circus. I thought it was about the Hollywood ten were members of the communist party back in the forties, and that's Dalton trombone trombone. Okay, never mind sequel. Emily la- Tila would say since you're promoting Hollywood and TOTO dot com. Let me promote right my bucket list item. And I think it'll be a lot of people bucket list item. You don't have done eight or nine cruises with a whole bunch of our listeners. In addition to that, we did a fabulous World War Two tour in Normandy and invest on. Riverboat cruise Lasca inland. Passage New Zealand Australia. So this isn't going to be a cruise. This is going to be an African safari ready for this. I mean, this is really a attention. But we're we're going to contact all of our veteran cruisers and a number of which have expressed an interest in this. And we'll see how it goes. This is going to be this November starting on November ninth running through the eighteenth. And we're gonna fly to Cape Town, South Africa. I've been there before and I've been give been the Cape of Good Hope Cape point where the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean come together. So the first several days, we'll be in Cape Town and its surroundings. There's a lot to do there. We're going to visit wine country when we go down to Cape point. We're also going to visit a colony of penguins. There's a an additional sidetrip optional for people who want to stay a few. Few days longer at Victoria, Falls, which is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the in the world, but the highlight of the trip the centerpiece of it is going to be our stay in the greater Kruger National Park region at this beautiful. Exotic Palmer river lodge. Which is inside the Capanna game. Reserve the lodges is luxurious, but elephants you're walking right inside your front door. It's considered a big five. Reserve will see elephants and lions and leopards and African buffaloes and rhinos on our game drives. And we'll go off these extended Land Cruiser type of things for the game drives early morning dust, kind of thing when when the animals are. Are more readily accessible, they're just waking up and you'll get to feed the lions. Won't you feed them with yourself? But I I don't recommend it. It's it's not cheap. But it's about the same price as the cruises with some stays at at fabulous hotels, including the one in in Capetown. So if you'd like to see some color visuals of it, just go to the k website at KOA dot com. Is it KOA dot com? Laurie. What's our it's KOA, NewsRadio dot com. That's why you need to Allah KOA, NewsRadio dot com. When you get to the station's main page there are a bunch of tabs. You can click on at the top of one of his one of it says on air podcast. Just click on that the drop down box will give you a choice of all the hosts and you'll see Mike Rosen at the movies click on that you'll get a link to the travel store they've handled all of our cruises. But right on on that I connection you make you'll get to see some phenomenal pictures of this. So I'm very excited about this. We have a maximum of thirty people. You can't take any. More than that. We had I think on the Mediterranean cruise one year, we had one hundred thirty spouse. Come so, this is thirty. Yeah. And it's going to be first come first served. But this is if you've been on a bunch of cruises, and you've. You're like the fellow who said I took a round the world cruise next year. I want to go someplace different, this is different. Now, it's a a life experience. So I I highly recommend it. You can also contact the travel store directly eight hundred seven seven seven sixty five forty. They know all about it. Obviously, eight hundred seven seven seven sixty five forty or go to I don't want to be one thousand things you can figure it out. All right. We've got some good movies to talk about today. I am judgmental about this. But there haven't been a lot of really good movies league. It's been a rough start to the year. I'd say for sure I think things are going to pick up now by though, it's going to get little summer movie esque with a lot of superhero adventures, but I think at two very good movies talk about today. One big big box office that's us, and that's kind of a horror film and given the highwayman. This is another version of the bunny and CLYDE story. They're both very very good in their own rights. But they're totally different. Which one you want to do? I let's sue us. We get a lot of callers waiting in line for us and also spent seventy million dollars opening weekend, huge numbers. This is from a comedian Jordan Peele who shocked everyone two years ago when he made get out which was. Is very kind of socially aware har- movie. It was very well crafted it was a big hit. I think when a least one Oscar and all of a sudden this sketch comedy guy is a horror movie maker, and he proved with us that he's a very very talented fellow. And that movie was not a fluke. This guy's got a ton of talent little issues with the ending of the film. But it's a very highly entertaining film, and it's sort of a very original. I think you don't see that a lot of horror movies, haunted houses and slashing movies. This one has I guess you could say some meat on its bones as far as the storytelling goats. So we will do us or to say differently. The two of us will do us. Why don't we start with you? Giving us an overview of it. And then we've got several callers are gonna help us with it yet. All right. So this is a story about a family that's going on vacation. And there's a the mom in the in the group had a connection to be rication destination when she was a girl, and that sort of the prologue of the story it connects to the main story, and I don't want to say too much more -cause that'll spoil things, but while they're enjoying themselves one data's a knock on the door. And they realized that there is a family of four outside their home their vacation rental home when they look closer. It's them. It looks just like the four family members, the mom the dad two kids, but they're all dressed in red. They're brandishing. These very sharp scissors, and they are not there for a pleasant visit. And that's where things get really off the rails. And I mean that in the very best of ways. So this is the kind of story that evokes issues of maybe class structure. I don't think it deals directly with race get out Jordan pills. I did that. But it is just extremely and. Enjoyable film the horror. Beets are excellent. I thought they were very good comedy moments that kind of deflate the tension that builds up it's an excellent movie again, I think the ending explains the situation a little bit to precisely. And I think it kinda drains him the tension away. But otherwise us is a very good movie. Let's check in with some members of the Mike Rosen movie club who've seen it. And then we'll ask them to rate it on a scale of one to five using a unit of measure, a clever unit of measure that's related to the movie. Let's start with Gina. I think we have gene online. Gena have you seen us? And would you think I did see us? You know, I was kind of like a maybe not one of my favorite. I I like to get out quite a bit. And when I went to go see this sounds kind of expecting ride, and I didn't I didn't get there. It kind of. But I won't they want them to acting. Excellent. Yeah. This is good. Awesome. Yeah. It's a good cast. And and and you know, har- movies often have less than the acting is maybe suspect at times, maybe low budget, maybe the actors you've never heard before not the case here. But what what didn't connect with you, can you maybe dial down a bit. And see why this movie didn't live up to get out. I know that it it seems to build messages. Okay. You know that that's kind of what what Jordan did and get out. But I wanted to get out of the fact that it it still took me on a ride, and I got to see a different world. But I didn't have to look for the low sign. Yeah. Okay. I kept going I had to look to of. The next step. The whole movie. That's a great point. I will say I I agree. But I thought that the message is coming my way were so interesting, and I guess you could say fuzzy that it kit, my brain working while the story was going on like it wasn't like they were saying, okay. We want to address this topic. And then that topic to me it was more open ended. So I though even though it was obvious. It just didn't bore me in that way. We're going to hold onto for just the to the break. Gina wanna get back to you. And have you review the film as well? If.

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