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And then if you really love it, it's five bucks a month. And you can, you can watch all of this sort of, really smart, really sassy educational content. Congratulations for being included. That's awesome. Thank you. Because I'm kind of techie but I try to educate them. That's good. You know what this is always the challenge would starting something like this is getting a lot of really cool. Cool, good content. So that's what they've, they clearly know you're great watch nebula dot com. I kissing. Yeah. Rene can also ask the now that you, are you not do you now have your official, I now have my one hundred thousand YouTube subscriber, plaque, and now I now I've got my one hundred thousand subscriber lighting because you're letting his awesome this week. Oh, you got the button, nice very nice that's one hundred thousand button. Yes, sir. Not a fifty million bro. Fists like Judy pipe. And I'm getting yeah. They have some higher levels higher awards. That's really cool. I'm looking at all the people on here. They've got a great bunch of people. That's cool. That is really like it's stem. And it's, you know, it's, it's it is science as it is geography is all the subjects that you should learn in school. But it's way, more interesting. When people make. And they give you some of that subscription fee. I presume yeah, I mean, I don't think Jerry. To the evaluation. But I've seen them like some of the really popular ones are going to do pretty well. Yeah, so they do it like apple. Does they base it on views? You know, like, Dave, Dave, just pain me and said, can we do this, and I was so excited about. Compared to them. They all have like millions of subscribers. So that really wasn't my conserve. But I'm sure yeah. I'm, I'm sure the details are all in their here's the opportunity, my friend, the big to Bank it to the big time. So it's like when you are the big person, you worry about that when you're the little person, just try to hold on everywhere. I just want to be everywhere. That's all I don't care. We I recently read, actually this morning, an article, but by by chick chiklis to Glaus ski, who is the hardest name in technology. He's a guy who does pin board. But what I didn't know about mcshea is he has been going round as a volunteer with other security experts, trying to teach congressional campaigns how to not get fished and hacked. He's been doing security training started in two thousand seventeen and he has a lot of notes in here about how hard this is to take normal people and teach them, he says, I don't even I don't even bother to try to set up a password manager this like. I get an hour. I'm so he says it's key. It's key to come up with simple recommendations that they can remember and he says, so the main thing I tell them is get the blue key, the Yuba key for two factor authentication, and I thought that was really good advice because there's only one blue Yuba key. So it's easy to remember, it's cheap. It starts at twenty dollars..

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