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Maybe we'll get all the chips you want. She got to take her medicine. So she gets her medicine and then the best part is that she also gets she then gets a diuretic, which then makes her have to go to the bathroom and we have to take her out every three to four hours so that she does not get a bladder infection. So I mean, it is a full weekend. We do this on Fridays so that Mabel really gets the whole weekend. And, you know, she still out here starting fights with other dogs. We passed a husky today walking, and Mabel almost came out of my grip. She was so ready to go for this husky. And it was like, and every time, maybe, you're making a fool of yourself. You are petite. There is no way you could win this fight. You're embarrassing us on Hollywood Boulevard. I would like to do something very quickly. Okay, Andy. Now I've been a vegetarian for over 15 years. And what that's meant is that my favorite gummies, which are Cola bottle gummies, I've not been able to eat. And finally found, they don't make them in the U.S.. They don't make vegan Cola bottle gummies in the U.S.. That's like weird. I did find online a place that I guess imports them from England. So I found organic vegan cool Cola bottles. That's what that says. Everything about this feels like a drug. I feel like this is like a roofie sub one sent you. It's like, you're like, from England and poor kid cool Cola. All right, Andy, tell us how taste. Do you have the scent of Coca-Cola? So what I'd like to do live is are these worth it, where these were the $8. We're not rich. $8 means something no way. But it smells? Okay, okay. Oh yeah, that's cold on the nose. Absolutely. And how does that taste? Does it take you back? Does it have the flavor? I think you need more than one. I think you need to eat. Because it's a slight flavor. That's how gummies are. I think they work. Thank you very much for supporting my jumpsuit. It is new works. You know how I do. And yet it does have a little bit of same by the bail. When the DJ passes I'm new, I'm in on this. Original, okay? I'm talking original. Miss bliss vibes. Can you stop time? No, I can not. I wish I could. Remember, I used to feel very connected to the girl from out of this world, speaking of shows from our childhood because her father was actually just like in an orb because he lived in space and my dad was gone too. And I said, well, maybe my dad's in a warp somewhere. And she didn't have a dad, but then she got all these powers instead. And I'm like, all right, if you don't have a dad, you should at least get something. Out of this world. Press 5 for my secret identity. Press 6 first sliders. It's still happening. Now I just went to Jerry O'Connell shows. Continue? No, I couldn't think of any others. Really leaving me hanging out there now. Okay, well, do you want to say anything else before we bring out our wonderful panel? Are there any other oh, yes, you want to talk about our vet expedition that we had to take. And I just really quickly, okay, I'm going to tell you, so Mabel did have one day where she wasn't feeling well as a result of the chemo. We had to take her to the emergency vet, but the emergency sector saved that hospital. Same hospital emergency. And, you know, we know what she needs. She needs a nausea medicine. She needs liquids. Okay. So it's Sunday, 8 p.m.. Mabel's been vomiting during the afternoon. And finally, we were like, I think we have to take her in. All right. And drive across town. I said I was gonna do this to quick version. And you up here with all the jets. This is setting the table. You just want to stick your hand into the In-N-Out burger and jam it in your mouth. Absolutely. I want to put a plate down. I want to put some silverware down. So we up in there waiting in the car. You know, you can't go in because of the cocoa. And we're sitting in there, finally she gets seen by a doctor, and then the woman in the doctor is not our normal vet. We do not know this chick. And she literally is like, so, okay, Mabel's nauseous is sad. She's vanity? Got a baby voice. A lot of these vets are out here with these baby voices. And I don't know what it is about veterinary school and baby voices, but in my world they go hand in hand. And she was, and she was like, so yeah, I will give her some fluids and some medicine. However, I noticed that Mabel's pupils are two different sizes. And have you checked with a doctor about that? Because that can sometimes mean something's wrong with the heart. There could be an ulcer. Her, she could be blind, her bones might be liquefying as we talk right now. We should do a test immediately, like in the next two seconds. And literally when she said this, I just said, come on. I was about to say, literally, if I had been in her face, I would have been like, bitch. But I knew that wasn't appropriate. And so I was ever come on. I was like, girl, she already got the chemo. We ain't got time for a pupil issue, okay? I was like, I can not take the woman is bringing something new to the table. I was like, okay, are dogs just like this? Always got something. You look at it yourself? No, I'm figuring out if the Cola taste is worth it. Yeah, it's not, right? I don't think it is. Nice and hot. It's really disappointing. I was really hoping for a delicious Cola. I know you were I know. But it's like the vet is wild, they up charging you. I feel like whenever you go, it's like, do you want avocado with that? That is what the vet is doing. They're trying to give you that extra extra. It's like a mechanic. You go in and you just need like tires. Rotate.

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