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In the world is you save dare operates on facts statistics daughter to inflammation is very much the way that you've described these an ongoing decline in south africa particularly you'll southern africa and it is indisputably driven by go to this technical four slides beyond any sort of doubts we could go to your website as examples of the needs the murder the death of people that don't know he describes up the forces in south africa well the south african political senior stall by the african national congress government of nelson mandela fame they are now uh challenged very heavily fools the original political territory by a leninist stalinist era the political party cold economic freedom falk devices whose anita very famously recent months his taped up next should invade why problems with the spear in the hand he's also the guy hit on a statement the plug in the last year and he's going for the slaughter of all whites years and as a very very influentual tribal leader in south africa's state to me sonnen in english will european idiom that could mean many things in african idiom that means only one thing he's telling his supporters that at some point but not now he is strengths called upon them to slaughter all of the whites and they should prepared for it with the people liked that will not that's the reality that we tracing at the moment and it gets worse and worse you know the african national congress uh uh uh maintains its core to awasthi quick spear of the nation armed wing so it's probably the only political party in the world that besides being the covering force than having a defence walls also has its ongoing and the head of of the armed wing the going to wish these weighing in on wall just most populous province state of finance ago that it is now time for young blacks to go to training camps in the in south africa to learn to kill winds in a civil war so those are the main parties the extreme they've party the the.

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